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  Item # Description Price Unit
00_0400 Bulk Incense Nose Desserts® Premium Stick Incense, 100pc Packs
Hand Dipped in the USA! Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Stick Incense, BEST highest quality fragrances & more fragrance oil, our stick incense smells fresher longer.11"inch sticks have a 8"long thick fragrance coating & burns over 1+ hour. Choose from 55 aromatic smelling fragrant scents!
6.00 100pc-Package
0100 Wholesale Ordering Requirements
Please Note:Because JACPA CERAMIC CRAFTSMEN & Nose Desserts® is a wholesale provider,we are required by law to sell wholesale only to customers who can provide doccumented federal and/or state tax registration identification.
0.00 each
0100A Authorized Resale Channels
Selling any Nose Desserts® products through third-party eCommerce platforms, including (but not limited to), 1, and, is NOT ALLOWED.
0.01 1
0101 Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
0.001 each
0204-8G "Goloka" Nag Champa Incense: 8 gram box
Goloka Nag Champa Incense,imported from India,a unique and very popular fragrance!Compares to the finest!Individual box contains about 8 sticks.Color Counter-Top Display carton with 25 boxes,@ $0.29ea/box.WEB SITE ORDER NOW & $AVE! OUR WHSLE PRICE OF:$7.25.00per 25 boxes.
7.25 Display Carton of 25 individual boxes
0235 Nose Desserts® Premium Stick Incense Spinner Display Package
Nose Desserts® Premium counter-top spinner display with: 2-tier display rack + header sign. Display has 6-packs each 15 popular Scents(90pcs) + 3 wood incense burners in full color packaging. 94pc display package @ $159.00.
180.00 94pcs counter-top display package
0235wdslv Nose Desserts® Wood Incense Burner Color Display Package
Nose Desserts® Wood Incense Burners in full Color Display Package. A colorful way to display our wooden incense burners for high visability and excellent sale returns. WEB SITE ORDER NOW LIST WHSLE PRICE OF:$1.50ea; as low as $1.10ea.
* 1.75 each
0236~0250 Nose Desserts® Premium Stick Incense, 20-pcs per Package
Nose Desserts® Premium Stick Incense, 20-pcs per Package, 15-different Color Packs and Fragrance Scents. Made Up To Quality, Not down to price. Smell The Difference!
12.00 6(six) packs/pkgs per bundle
0300 NOSE DESSERTS Fragrance - Body Oils
NOSE DESSERTS® Premium Quality 100% Grade-A Fragrance Oils. Uses: Home & Auto,Aroma-Diffusers,scent candles,light rings,etc.Bottle contains 1/2-FL/OZ [15-ML] of fragrance. Made In The USA.
* 3.00 each
0300CBX32 Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Fragrance Oil, 32pc-Display Box
Nose Desserts® 32pcs-Premium Fragrance Oils Countertop Display Box Includes:4 bottles each,your choice of any 8 scents from 24 Fragrance Oil Scents.You Get 32 bottles-1/2oz Fragrance Oils @ $1.88@ bottle in an attractive Color Display Box for only $60.00.
60.00 Display box of 32 bottles
0400 12"BGS Bulk Incense Nose Desserts® 12" Incense Bags
Nose Desserts® Logo 2" x 12"/100pcs incense bags, bulk zip-closure plastic incense bags for the storage of Nose Desserts® Bulk Stick Incense. Safely holds up to 30pcs of Nose Desserts® 11" incense sticks.
* 2.99 100
0400A Bulk Incense NoseDesserts® Premium Incense 12 Scents BEST Package
Hand Dipped in the USA! #0400A only $97.00,Receive 12 packs(100-pcs per pack)of our best selling fragrances(or choose your own 12 scents)and 12 display jars with labels, PLUS these items:Nose Desserts® store display sign,100 incense bags + 3pcs wood incense burners in color display package!
97.00 Each Display
0400A-02 Bulk NoseDesserts® Premium Incense; Basic Starter Package NO JARS
Hand Dipped for 24-hours in the USA! #0400A-02, Receive 12 packs (100-pcs per pack) best selling fragrances (or choose your own 12 scents) with labels (NO JARS).PLUS these items: Nose Desserts® store display sign,100 incense bags + 3-pcs wood incense burners in color display package!
79.50 Display
0400C Bulk Incense Nose Desserts® 36-Fragrance Premium Package
Hand Dipped in the USA! Receive 36 packs(100-pcs per pack)of the best selling fragrances & 36 display jars with lables, PLUS these items: Nose Desserts® store display sign, 300 incense bags + 3pcs wood incense burners in color display package!
265.00 each display
0400D Bulk Incense 18 Fragrance Assortment w/ Wood Display
Hand Dipped in the USA!Display #0400D Recieve 18 packs(100pcs per pack)of best selling scents + 18 display jars w/lables+quality 3-tier wood display(size:24"H x 24"W x 12"D)PLUS these items:Nose Desserts® store display sign, 100 incense bags + 3 wood incense burners in color display package!
177.00 each
0400E Bulk Incense 36 Fragrance Assortment w/ 2 Wood Displays
Nose Desserts® Incense Hand Dipped in the USA! 36 packs(100pcs per pack)of all 36 premium scents and 36 Jars + Lables + 2 Quality 3-tier wood displays(size: 24"H x 24"W x 12"D.)Plus these items;Nose Desserts® Display Sign, 300 Incense Bags + 3pcs wood incense burners in color display package
361.00 2-unit displays w/36 scents
0400F-DSP-18 Bulk Incense, Premium 3-Tier Wood Incense Display Rack
Bulk Incense 3-tier wood display holds 18 incense jars (not included). This furniture quality display is an eye catching way to sell Nose Desserts® Incense.WEB SITE ORDER NOW, WHSLE PRICE OF $50.00 Shipped KD, assembly required.Display size: 24"H x 24"W x 12"D.
50.00 each
0400JB Nose Desserts® Made in USA - Premium 19"inch Jumbo Stick Incense
Hand Dipped in the USA with USA Highest Quality Fragrance Oils! Nose Desserts® Quality Premium 19"inch Jumbo Stick Incense Burns 3+Hours,Hand Dipped,Extra Thick & Heavily Scented!Nose Desserts® Incense...Made up to Quality, not down to price. Available in 25 count packages.
7.99 each 25-pcs bag
0507 11" inch Polished Wood Stick Incense Burner
11" inch Polished Wood stick incense burner "Boat Style" that is decorative, beautifully hand-polished & totally useful. Quantity discounts available.
* 12.99 Per Dozen/12pcs.
0523 Nose Desserts® 19" inch JUMBO Incense Stick Ashcatcher Burner
Nose Desserts® JUMBO 19" inch Canoe Incense Stick Ashcatcher Burner. Polished Teakwood-Assorted Designs. WEB SITE ORDER NOW & $AVE! Jumbo 19 inch Canoe Incense Burners
* 4.99 each
2857 Hippy Man: Fragrance Oil & Potpouri Simmering Diffuser
The Hippy Man is a multi-functional colorfully hand painted, ceramic stoneware, used for scented oil/potpourri diffuser and candle holder/burner.Size: 4-3/4"h x 3-5/8"Dia.
* 4.95 each
2937 Premium Incense Counter Top Display
Revolving Incense Display Rack has two tiers containing eight hooks, for a total of sixteen hangers, is a great way to display Incense. Display rack measures 38"H x 12"D.WEB SITE ORDER NOW & $AVE A MINIMUM 5%OFF THE LIST WHSLE PRICE OF:$44.95ea.
* 42.70 each
3082 "Dead Men Tales" Incense Burner
Menacing "Dead Men Tales" Skull Incense burner is colorfully painted & highly detailed,polyresin incense stick burner/ashcatcher.Size:12"L x 3"W x 4-3/8"H.WEB SITE ORDER NOW
* 14.50 each
3101-01 Bright Gold-Tone Marijuana Leafs Smoking Bottle Incense Burner
Bright Metalic Gold-Tone Marijuana Leafs design, Incense Burner Ashcatcher Smoking Tower Incense Burner-Ashcatcher by Nose Desserts®! Real 10-karat-gold-leaf design, GOLD MARIJUANA LEAFS, Kiln Fired.
* 19.99 each
3101-RLM Rocking Rasta Guitar Man Smoking Bottle Stick Incense Burner
Rocking Rasta Guitar Man Wonderland Fantasy Smoking Bottle Incense Burner-Ashcatcher By Nose Desserts®. Safest way to burn incense + No ashes mess, safely burn up to 11" inch incense sticks, with colorful High Fired Ceramic Image permanently imbedded onto gloss glazed porcelain surface.
* 18.99 each
3102 Cylinder Tower Vase Black Porcelain 4" x 12"
Wholesale Lot Price 6-pcs per carton - individually boxed: Black Porcelain-Ceramic Cylinder Vase 11.75" inch High x 3.75" inch Diameter, made of High Fired Porcelain Ceramic, Black Gloss Color Glaze Finish.
* 30.00 per 6-pcs
32850-03 Tea Party: Ceramic Fragrance Oil Lamp Burner
Multi-functional, colorfully hand painted,ceramic,Tea Party used for scented fragrance oil/potpourri diffuser, cone incense and candle holder/burner.Size:5"H x 3-5/8"Diameter.
* 4.95 each
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