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Juice Joint
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Baltimore, Maryland 21218 United States
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Welcome to Juice Joint the only 100mg full spectrum CBD on the market, also our 200mg Delta 8 THC
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  Item # Description Price Unit
7670 Aloha Punch
Passionfruit blend with a pineapple juice base in a 12 fluid ounce bottle
6.00 Case of 25
7675 Blueberry Mint
Blueberry Juice based with an artesian tea blend @ 100 MG CBD
6.00 Case of 25
7672 Carrot Turmeric
Carrot Juice Blend with Turmeric 100mg Full Spectrum CBD ALl Natural
150.00 Case of 25
7673 Mango Pineapple GInger
Pineapple juice base with Mango puree and fresh ginger 100mg CBD or 200mg Delta 8 THC
150.00 Case of 25
7671 Peach Lemonade
Peach Puree and Fresh Lemonade infused with 100mg full spectrum CBD or 200mg Delta 8 THC
150.00 Case of 25
7674 Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Puree blend with fresh lemonade 100mg full spectrum CBD or available in 200mg of Delta 8 THC
150.00 Case of 25

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