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Minimum Order: $250.00

About Our Company
We are a small family company in the Santa Cruz hills of California. We work with homeopathic herbs and healing products for a full healing of your body and mind together. We feel we could all elevate the consciousness of this world but we must work with a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our focus right now is on salves to help with pain and concentrates to help with lessening of anxiety and lessening of pain Not only do we have great prices for the wholesaler we have great deals for the distributor that would like to distributed throughout our country and others.

About Our Products
We make a large line of products and have hundreds and hundreds of skews. We make healing salves lotions and oils to rub away those aches and pains and amazing chapstick variety that works on cold sores and cracked lips we offer smokable flowers of many varieties from indoor to outdoor from high percentage CBD to more of a mild percentage we also offer biomass for those looking to infuse their own products as well as distillate and isolate in small and large quantities we also offer concentrates of dabs and smokable mixtures we have a nice line of bath salts that will have you enjoying a great bathing experience An incredible line of tinctures are strengths range from 420 mg to 4200 mg in a 30 ml bottle or if your preference is a smaller or larger bottle we can accommodate and make strength as you desire We also carry pet tinctures And in the edible department we carry honey sticks and organic gummy bears. We Al'so white label and private label as well as promoting our brand that has proven successful in the current market.

Return Policy
If a product arrives damaged or unsatisfactory please call within 48 hours of receiving so we can replace the product. Because we cannot verify in what condition people keep the product at their place we do not offer a return policy but I do work with everybody till they are satisfied so if a product is not moving I can send you other product to help you and advertising to help make the product move.

Minimum Order
We have a low minimum wholesale order of $250. Of course you can also get a low retail price and order an item at any time as a sample. We will give you reasonable deals knowing that you are going to re-order. We send extra free gifts with every order so you can sample of different products.

All orders must be paid for in advance before we start working on them as we do get constant orders we need to know that payment is clear before we start preparing an order Most orders can be mailed within one day or for large custom orders 7 to 14 days

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