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The Highest Quality Dokha and Medwakh The World Has To Offer
Tobacco Fit For A King

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002 Cold Dokha- Bahja
Our Bahja blend is a cold premium dokha with a medium grind. This blend contains balanced amount of different shades of green and yellow flakes for flavor balance. Bahja is everything you expect with a high quality dokha. Its smoke is smooth going down with just the right amount of heat to satisfy.
* 72.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
004 Warm Dokha- Sahar
Our Sahar blend is an over cold dokha with a medium/coarse grind. This blend contains a high amount of yellow and tan flakes giving it a beautiful light gold and green hue. It?s smoke is very smooth going down with no spice and almost no heat on the back end.
* 72.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
007 Hot Dokha- Khabir
Our Khabir blend is a hot dokha with a medium/fine grind. This blend contains mostly dark green and light green flakes giving it a rich, dark green hue. It?s smoke is warm and satisfying going down with a high amount of spice and heat on the back end.
* 72.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
008 Premium Cold Dokha- Sultani
Sultani is a premium cold Dokha that retains all the strength that you?d want from some of our warmer blends. This dokha is ultra-finely ground and has a mild, earthy taste. The coolest of our blends by far, Sultani smokes easy and has a buzz comparable to Jalid. Also a perfect addition to Shisha.
* 90.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
009 Premium Warm Dokja- Jamila
Jamila is a premium warm Dokha blend that is easy on the lungs and strong on the mind. Slightly warmer than our Sahar blend with a robust tobacco flavor, Jamila is the perfect warm for someone craving more of a buzz with there medwakh.
* 90.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
011 Premium Hot Dokha- Nara
Nara, our X-Hot premium Dokha is here. This is our most powerful dokha yet! It has a monster buzz with a fiery aftertaste. Perfect for all hot lovers looking for an even bigger buzz.
* 90.00 Carton of 6/15g Bottles
012 Wooden Medwakh (Dokha Pipes)
Our Wood Medwakh Pipes are hand-made by artisans in the Middle East who use a selection of Local Hardwoods such as Tamarind, Mahogany and African Ebony. These Dokha pipes are the perfect combination of craftsmanship, tradition and function.
100.00 Box of 20
013 Premium Camel Bone Medwakh ( Dokha pipe )
Our Premium Camel Bone Medwakh pipes are all hand-made with exotic Dyed Bone and Inlays. This is to provide our customers with the classiest and most unique smoking experience available.
100.00 Box of 10
014 Premium Metal Medwakh ( Dokha Pipe )
As long as our customers crave quality, we will source the most beautiful Medwakh available.These metal Dokha pipes are a top seller in our retail establishments and every piece that we offer is Fit For A King.
100.00 Box of 10
015 Kingdom Dokha Double Medwakh Filters
The Fadayee Double Medwakh filters are known to last longer and filter more particulates than other filters on the market. Keep in mind that for the best smoking experience, pipes should be cleaned and the filter changed frequently.
32.00 Box of 24
016 Kingdom Dokha Classic Medwakh Filters
The Classic Fadayee Double filter comes in an 8 pack and is our most popular Medwakh Filter. Keep in mind that for the best smoking experience, pipes should be cleaned and the filter changed frequently.
32.00 Box of 24
017 Medwakh Cleaning Tool
Keep your Medwakh smoking clean and true with our Medwakh Cleaning Tool. This two piece tool is ideal for bowl and pipe cleaning and will ensure the perfect puff of Dokha every time
25.00 Pack of 10

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