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Minimum Order: $200.00

About Our Company
With more than 10 years in the US Dokha industry we are equipped and capable of handling any and all of your Medwakh needs. Kingdom Dokha in based centrally in Denver, Colorado and imports direct from large suppliers and smaller farms in the Middle East. This allows us to provide the finest blends at the best price point for retailers around the country. What we supply is truly "Tobacco Fit For A King"

About Our Products
We Sell an extremely high nicotine pipe tobacco known as Dokha. It is smoked through a small pipe known as the Medwakh and has been a staple of Arabic smoking Culture for hundreds of years. Dokha is additive free with minimal chemical use during the growing process and incredibly strong, which means less smoke and more of a reward for the consumer than traditional tobacco products.

Return Policy
We absolutely stand by our product and its ability to move for your shop or distributorship however, in the event that you are not satisfied we offer a 100% refund and return policy after 6 months.

Minimum Order
Our minimum order for an individual shop is $200 and for distributors is at the $500 price break.

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