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Medwakh (Dokha Pipes) :

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012 Wooden Medwakh (Dokha Pipes)
Our Wood Medwakh Pipes are hand-made by artisans in the Middle East who use a selection of Local Hardwoods such as Tamarind, Mahogany and African Ebony. These Dokha pipes are the perfect combination of craftsmanship, tradition and function.
100.00 Box of 20
013 Premium Camel Bone Medwakh ( Dokha pipe )
Our Premium Camel Bone Medwakh pipes are all hand-made with exotic Dyed Bone and Inlays. This is to provide our customers with the classiest and most unique smoking experience available.
100.00 Box of 10
014 Premium Metal Medwakh ( Dokha Pipe )
As long as our customers crave quality, we will source the most beautiful Medwakh available.These metal Dokha pipes are a top seller in our retail establishments and every piece that we offer is Fit For A King.
100.00 Box of 10

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