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      Item # Description Price Unit
    008-9pdq Inkology Locker Accessories
    to include magnetic dry erase board
    * 0.00 1 BOX
    047-1 Corey Paige 2 ct Gel pen
    Corey Paige 2 ct gel pen in a blister card
    1.50 1
    048-8pdq Corey Paige two pocket portfolios
    Corey Paige two pocket portfolios
    13.68 case of 24
    049-5pdq Corey Paige Theme Book
    70 sheets , 12 ct inner/ 24 master
    13.68 case of 12
    051-8 Corey Paige Binder Pencil Pouch
    Corey Paige Binder Pencil Pouch Is great for school or the office to hold writing utensils and other small supplies. Designs combine retro pop art and emojis.
    13.60 box of 8
    052-5PDQ Corey Paige Mini Back Pack Pencil Pouch
    Corey Paige Mini Back Pack Pencil Pouch combines retro pop art with modern day designs. In 4 fun designs to carry your school supplies such as pencils, erasers, rulers, and more.
    30.60 box of 12
    055-6PDQ Corey Paige Spiral Bound Journal
    Corey Paige Spiral Bound Journals combine retro pop are with modern day trends. In 4 fun designs perfect for taking all of your notes.
    16.96 box of 8
    057-0 Corey Paige Secret Diary Set
    The Corey Paige Secret Diary will store all of your secrets under lock and key! This 60 page diary also comes with 2 sticker sheets, 1 pen, 1 foam stamp and 1 ink pad.
    17.82 box of 6
    061-7 Corey Paige Stickers - 2 pages per Pack
    Corey Paige Stickers come with 2 sheets per pack. Comes in two disigns, Candy or Fun Pop Art.
    6.72 box of 12
    064-8 Corey Paige Sticker Pad
    Corey Paige Sticker Pad is full of retro meets emoji stickers.
    20.40 box of 24
    072-3PDQ Rachael Hale 2 Pocket Portfolio
    Rachael Hale 2 Pocket portfolio is perfect for school, the office, or a 3-ring binder.
    10.32 box of 24
    080-8 Rachel Hale Binder PencilPouch
    Rachel Hale Binder Pencil Pouch comes in 4 fun cat & dog designs. Perfect for storing pencils, pens and other small supplies in your 3 ring binder.
    13.60 box of 8
    095-2PDQ Sports Ball Spinner Pens
    Spinner Pens with Sports Balls are great for every sports lover! With one flick you will have a spinning ball top. Sport design options are baseball, basketball, or soccer.
    22.92 box of 12
    101-0 Spinner Pen - Blister trap
    Spinner pens are perfect for school, home, and the office. These self balancing retractable pens write in black ink while keeping you entertained!
    17.88 box of 12
    107-2PDQ Mopsterz Phone Holder Screen Cleaner
    Mopsterz Phone Holder Screen clean is great for the office or home.
    15.24 box of 12
      116-4 Squishy Donut Pen Blister Card
    Squishy Donut pen is cute and fun perfect for school, home or the office!
    13.60 box of 8
    124-9 Mopsterz Spinner Pen PDQ
    Mopsterz Spinner pen is great for school, home, or the office.
    20.40 box of 12
    125-6 Squishy Junk Food Pen Blister Card
    Squishy Junk Food pens each come with Junk food tops. Each top is made of slow rise foam.
    13.60 box of 8
    128-7 Clipsters Webcam Covers 24 piece tub
    Cover the camera on your laptop or computer screen with one of these fun webcam camera covers!
    20.40 box of 24
    132-4 SpongeBob Sticker Pad
    SpongeBob Sticker Pad with all of your favorite SpongeBob characters.
    20.40 box of 24
    141-6PDQ SpongeBob 2 Pocket Portfolio
    SpongeBob Portfolios 24 pack. These fun 2 pocket portfolios come in 2 designs, Best Day Ever or Rainbow. Perfect to store letter sized paper.
    13.20 box of 24
    142-3 SpongeBob Theme Book
    SpongeBob Theme Book is perfect for every SpongeBob and Patrick fan! Its unique cover design stands out in a crowd!
    15.24 box or 12
    147-8 Aluminum Carabineer Clip
    Aluminum Carabineer Clip 6 Pack
    3.84 box of 6
    152-2 Sponge Bob Pencil Case
    Keep your writing utensils safe in this SpongeBob pencil case. SpongeBobs smile will put a smile on your face!
    19.08 box of 6
    153-9 Sponge Bob Diary w/ Lock Foil
    Nickelodeon's SpongeBob Diary with Lock and Key will keep your best secrets, or be a great journal with this hard cover.
    20.00 box of 8

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