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Logiciel is a software developer with decades of experience providing robust, feature-rich software solutions to the wholesale, retail, and hospitality industries.
Our latest offering is a cloud-based Mobile Commerce Platform, Fora. Fora is not a website; Fora is a full-featured Mobile Commerce Platform with a customer-facing native iOS/Android app for targeted marketing, delivering personalized content to customers and followers, and supports in-app purchasing. The platform requires no coding and is easy to set up and maintain. It only takes an Excel file and photos to create a unique experience for your customers. Fora offers a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for businesses to deploy a mobile app and engage their consumers. No annual contract to sign-up, only a monthly subscription fee of $60/month plus a 2% per order transaction fee with a monthly tiered per order cap.
Our Mobile Sales Order Solution (MSO) suite is the leading mobile sales solution in the wholesale industry. MSO is a windows-based software designed to complement your ERP system for managing mobile sales activities such as order writing/scanning at a Trade Show and for sales reps to take orders and make presentations on the road.

  • Mobile Commerce Platform - Fora
  •  Easy Access to your business - A single tap on their phone will take customers to your business and direct them to what you want them to buy. No email to send and no URL for your customers to remember
  •  Personalized Marketing Campaigns - Group your target demographic and tailor your product selections to their interests and buying habits
  •  Support Multiple Customer Groups - Set up group-specific product selections and pricing
  •  Push notification of promotions and Campaigns - Instead of waiting for your customers to come to you. Send a push notification to their phone to alert customers of new arrivals, promotions, and product availability
  •  Supports Click-To-Order Catalog
  •  Supports in-app ordering and quote requests
  •  Secured tokenized online payment processing
  •  Analytics on trends and customer behaviors
  •  Supports multiple languages
  •  Easily customized to meet your business needs
  •  No coding is required so your app can be up and running in a matter of days
  •  Extremely affordable starts at $60 per month and no contract
  • Mobile Sales Order Solutions - MSO
  •  Flexible design that works online and offline (iOS only)
  •  Supports both Windows and Apple iOS devices
  •  Support customer price levels and quantity breaks
  •  Barcode label printing and scanning
  •  Support Color/Size matrix ordering
  •  Create product catalogs and line sheets (iOS only)
  •  View customer purchase history
  •  Supports data import/export for data transfer


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