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  Item # Description Price Unit
ADAPTOR Electrical Outlet Adaptors 2 pack
Duo Pack - Electric Adaptors. Polorized 3-way and 3 to 2 adaptors. Nicely carded. 24 per case.
0.45 each
GPG- Gloves - South Bend - GRIP PALM GLOVES - Fish Handling & More
Gloves - South Bend - GRIP PALM GLOVES - Fish Handling & More. Super Soft grip holds almost anything! Fish filleting made easy! Fish handing without spines and slime! Tail a fish easily! Great for packaging and warehouse work where gripping is so very important. CASE PACK 12.
1.85 pair
SVS-117 HANDI-SHEARS Multi-function Heavy Duty Scissors
HANDI-SHEARS Multi-function Heavy Duty Scissors. Stainless stell blades. Strong cutting force. Seafood Cutter, Poultry Scissors, Jar Opener and Carton Opener. Bones, Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Garden, Carpet, Sewing, Nutcracker and much more. Carded. CASE PACK 12.
1.50 each
FK-825 KNIVES - Folding Fishing & Hunting Knife CARDED #FK-825C
Folding Fishing & Hunting Knife CARDED #FK-825C. Stainless Steel blade. Butterfly handle. 4in1 knife: knife, bottle opener, can opener, scaler. 3.5" blade, 8" overall. CARDED. CASE PACK 12.
2.25 each
EB7547CP Lights - Eddie Bauer - V2 Triplex LED Flashlight
Lights - Eddie Bauer - V2 Triplex LED Flashlight. Optoelectric technology. Shock proof and water resistant. 3-spot power beam. Retail $22.99. CASE PACK 12. CLOSEOUT $5.00!
5.00 each
ELCRANK2 LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - 2pc Wind-Up Flashlight Set
LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - 2pc Wind-Up Flashlight Set. The perfect companions in emergency situations, these flashlights provide timely illumination without the necessity of batteries. 60 seconds of winding provides approximately 2 hours of power.
7.50 each (2/pack)
ELCRFA LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - Wind-Up Radio/Light/Alarm
LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - Wind-Up Radio/Light/Alarm. The perfect companion in emergency situations. Features FM radio, 3 LED lights and alarm. Includes earphone jack & DC output socket. 1 minute of winding gives you approximately 30 minutes of all 3 lights, 7 minutes of radio and 10 min of alarm.
9.00 each
ELMSQR3 Mitaki-Japan Intelligent Mosquito Trap
Mitaki-Japan Intelligent Mosquito Trap. This trap will be your backyard or front door ally during the summer months; mosquitoes gravitate to the intelligent trap without the need for any poisons or chemicals. Measures 6-1/4" x 11" x 6-1/4". Gift boxed. Retail $130.95. CASE PACK 6.
34.95 each
MOSQUITO PEST - Mosquito Trap Non-Toxic Eco Friendly #MOS12
PEST - OAK STUMP Mosquito Trap Non-Toxic Eco Friendly #MOS12. The Oak Stump Mosquito Trap attracts, catches and kills mosquitoes when they try to lay eggs, thus preventing that second "fatal" bite. Retail $11.99. CASE PACK 12 (display).
* 6.50 each
MOSQUITO-2 PEST - Mosquito Trap REFILL Lure & Bait #S1519
PEST - Mosquito Trap REFILL Lure & Bait #S1519. The Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Lure (Item No. S1519) contains 1 pheromone-based replacement lure, plus the recipe for a "swamp vegetation" bait. For use only in the Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Trap. CASE PACK 12.
2.75 each
ABT-802 PEST - SPRINGTAR 30 oz. Mosquito Killer - Non-Toxic
PEST - SPRINGTAR 30 oz. Mosquito Killer - Non-Toxic. Mosquito Science Mosquito Killer 30 oz volume. Naturally-based, safe, biodegradable. Dual action - kills mosquito larva in water, repels adult mosquitoes for up to 8 weeks. CASE PACK 12.
* 9.50 each
STACKPACK Tackle Boxes - Stack Packs - 1-5/8" dia x 3/4" (12/pack)
Tackle Boxes - Stack Packs - 1-5/8" dia x 3/4" (12/pack). Each container measures 1-5/8" in diameter and is 3/4" high. Each are nicely retail packaged.
1.50 each (12/pack)
68230 Tent Stakes - Danielson 10-Inch Steel Tent Stake
Tent Stakes - Danielson 10-Inch Steel Tent Stake. Heavy-duty, plated steel. High impact polypropylene tops. Easy, thread-through tops. Retail hand tag w/UPC. CASE PACK 25 (inner) 100 (master).
0.75 each
SKSHARP3 Tools - MAXAM Dual Knife-Sharpening System
Tools - MAXAM Dual Knife-Sharpening System. This two-step system ensures your knife is in top form for ideal cutting performance. Retail Clam Packaged w/UPC. Retail $22.95. CASE PACK 12.
2.95 each
SKSHARP Tools - MAXAM Professional Quality Knife Sharpener w/ hand guard
Tools - MAXAM Professional Quality Knife Sharpener w/ hand guard. Simple and easy-to-use, this instrument will sharpen knives and scissors. Has tungsten carbide "V" sharpeners. Measures 5-3/8" x 2-11/16" x 1-1/8". CASE PACK 12 (INNER) 72 (MASTER).
2.00 each

15 items found: Page [ 1 ]
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