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  Item # Description Price Unit
HH-2235 Bird Feeders - Havahart Apple Fruit Bird Feeder
Bird Feeders - Havahart Apple Fruit Bird Feeders. Colorful apple red bird fruit feeder. Used to attract robins, blue jays, catbirds, house finches, and red-bellied woodpeckers. Size: 7-3/4" x 6". Retail $11.95 each. CLOSEOUT! CASE PACK 6 (counter display).
* 1.00 each
BRAVES Color Clings - Atlanta Braves Wall & Window Decorations
Collectible. 9 clings on 1 jumbo sheet. Original retail was $4.99. From 1995 World Series Championship Year. Will Stick to walls or windows. Case Pack 100 (inner) 1200 (master). DEEP CLOSEOUT!
0.10 each
AGLSTK3 Fishing Lights - Eagle Claw Rod & Float Glow Light Stick 6pc. Kit
Fishing Lights - Eagle Claw Rod & Float Light Stick UNIVERSAL 6pc. Kit. Powder Sticks are brighter and last 30% longer than liquid. Environmentally safe. Fits rod tips and Bobbers. Kit contains: (3) 3 inch light sticks, (2) bobber holders, (1) rod holder. CASE PACK 12 (inner).
1.50 each kit
CRYSTALS Fragrance Crystals - Solid Air Fresheners
Sit-R-Simmer. Simmer or set them anywhere and freshen your air. Great for inside trash cans. Nice Spice scent 'spicy kitchen'. Case Pack 72. Original Retail $1.99. DEEP CLOSEOUT!
0.25 each
SVS-117 HANDI-SHEARS Multi-function Heavy Duty Scissors
HANDI-SHEARS Multi-function Heavy Duty Scissors. Stainless stell blades. Strong cutting force. Seafood Cutter, Poultry Scissors, Jar Opener and Carton Opener. Bones, Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Garden, Carpet, Sewing, Nutcracker and much more. Carded. CASE PACK 12.
1.50 each
NBT-40 HOOKS - Dolphin - TINS of 40 Assorted Hooks *DISPLAY
HOOKS - Dolphin - TINS of 40 Assorted Hooks *COUNTER DISPLAY. Each tin contains 40 hooks. The hooks are: (5) 1/0 Kirby, (10) #6 Kirby, (10) #2 Carlisle, (10) #6 Carlisle, (5) 3/0 Limerick. Counter display of 12 tins costs you $9.60 = $0.80 per tin.
9.60 display (12 tins of 40 hooks)
CAPT-RONS INSECT REPELLENT - Captain Ron's All Natural 4 oz. - Made in USA
INSECT REPELLENT - Captain Ron's All Natural 4 oz. - Made in USA. The Strongest All Natural Insect Repellent made in the USA. This is a one of a kind proprietary formula and ​is like no other on the market.
* 6.95 each
SKFFBK KNIVES - Bait Knife - MAXAM Fish Bait Knives
Deluxe Bait Knife - MAXAM Fish Bait Knives - Built in scaler/serrated edge. Overall Mirror-finish fixed blade; polypropylene and rubber handle; and polypropylene sheath. Overall length 8.25", Blade length 4". Limited Lifetime Warranty. BULK. Retail $7.50 each. CASE PACK 24.
* 2.50 each
ELCRANK2 LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - 2pc Wind-Up Flashlight Set
LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - 2pc Wind-Up Flashlight Set. The perfect companions in emergency situations, these flashlights provide timely illumination without the necessity of batteries. 60 seconds of winding provides approximately 2 hours of power.
7.50 each (2/pack)
ELCRFA LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - Wind-Up Radio/Light/Alarm
LIGHTS - MITAKI-JAPAN - Wind-Up Radio/Light/Alarm. The perfect companion in emergency situations. Features FM radio, 3 LED lights and alarm. Includes earphone jack & DC output socket. 1 minute of winding gives you approximately 30 minutes of all 3 lights, 7 minutes of radio and 10 min of alarm.
9.00 each
ELMSQR3 Mitaki-Japan Intelligent Mosquito Trap
Mitaki-Japan Intelligent Mosquito Trap. This trap will be your backyard or front door ally during the summer months; mosquitoes gravitate to the intelligent trap without the need for any poisons or chemicals. Measures 6-1/4" x 11" x 6-1/4". Gift boxed. Retail $130.95. CASE PACK 6.
34.95 each
S-201 PEST - BIOCARE Flour Moth Trap (2/pack)
PEST - BIOCARE Flour Moth Trap (2/pack). Our popular Flour Moth design ships and displays flat: simply and easily assembled, the package is environmentally friendly - no waste! Outlasts and out-catches other brands. Retail 2/pack w/UPC. Retail $9.99.
* 4.75 each (2/pack)
S-415 PEST - BIOCARE Fruit Fly Trap (2/pack)
PEST - BIOCARE Fruit Fly Trap (2/pack). Two Retail packages of two decorative, inconspicuous traps designed to discreetly capture the fruit flies that contaminate fruits & vegetables in your home. Completely safe for use around food products. CASE PACK 12 (2/packs).
5.50 each (2/pack)
S-534 PEST - BIOCARE Window Fly Trap (4/pack)
PEST - BIOCARE Window Fly Trap (4/pack). They're everywhere, and they just won't go away. Use these non-toxic, long lasting and disposable sticky fly traps to keep flies down -- without poisons or noxious sprays. Simple, effective and easy to use. CASE PACK 12 (4/packs).
2.25 each (4/pack)
MOSQUITO PEST - Mosquito Trap Non-Toxic Eco Friendly #MOS12
PEST - OAK STUMP Mosquito Trap Non-Toxic Eco Friendly #MOS12. The Oak Stump Mosquito Trap attracts, catches and kills mosquitoes when they try to lay eggs, thus preventing that second "fatal" bite. Retail $11.99. CASE PACK 12 (display).
* 6.50 each
MOSQUITO-2 PEST - Mosquito Trap REFILL Lure & Bait #S1519
PEST - Mosquito Trap REFILL Lure & Bait #S1519. The Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Lure (Item No. S1519) contains 1 pheromone-based replacement lure, plus the recipe for a "swamp vegetation" bait. For use only in the Oak Stump Farm Mosquito Trap. CASE PACK 12.
2.75 each
PP-1 PEST - Pest Pro Mouse & Insect Glue Boards
PEST - Pest Pro Mouse & Insect Glue Boards. Measures 8"L x 5"W. Use Flat or Fold into tent for dusty areas. Great for trapping mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches, crickets and other insects.
0.40 each
ROCKS Rocks Glass - Plastic Cups - Clear Acrylic Glasses - 8oz.
Rocks Glass - Plastic - Clear - 3.5" tall - 8oz. This is one of my imports from Ghana, Africa. They are made at the Rubbermaid plant there. They are stackable and great for parties, weddings, or everyday use. CASE PACK 216.
* 0.10 each
RUBBER6 Rubbermaid SIPPIN' SAVER Lids (3/pack)
0.25 each (3/pack)
STATIONERY Stationery Kits - Home/School/Office
Stationery Kits - Home/School/Office. See through deluxe clam package. Seven compartments. Includes: push pins, small paper clips, large paper clips, brass paper fasteners, thumb tacks, rubber bands, binder clips, & a pencil sharpener! Reg retail $2.99. CASE PACK 100. CLOSEOUT! ONLY $0.49!!
0.40 each
SBSGST Sunglasses - South Bend Neoprene Sunglass Strap
Sunglasses - South Bend Neoprene Sunglass Strap. 17 inch length. Fits most frames. Retail Carded w/UPC.
2.65 each
MTB-8 Tackle Boxes - RAPALA Quick Pick 8cm Modular Tackle Box #MTB-8
Tackle Boxes - RAPALA Quick Pick 8cm Modular Tackle Box #MTB-8. Easy clear view, hinged lid modular tackle box, keystone locking system for quick change configuration. Measurements: 3-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide x 1" high. Retail $2.95. CASE PACK 400.
* 0.35 each
SKSHARP Tools - MAXAM Professional Quality Knife Sharpener w/ hand guard
Tools - MAXAM Professional Quality Knife Sharpener w/ hand guard. Simple and easy-to-use, this instrument will sharpen knives and scissors. Has tungsten carbide "V" sharpeners. Measures 5-3/8" x 2-11/16" x 1-1/8". CASE PACK 12 (INNER) 72 (MASTER).
2.00 each

23 items found: Page [ 1 ]
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