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Item # Description

Minimum Order: $250.00

4151-12. 2" Grey Slant-D Ring View Binder w/ 2 Pockets
Neutral grey, 2 inch D ring binders for office and school. This 3 ring view binders has a pocket on each side to hold additional sheets that may not be hole punched. Binder can hold an incredibly large stack of hole punched paper in the rings. These cheap binders are very high quality, and are ideal for school, home, and office. You can use the spine to write down the subject or category of the binder to help yourself organize. Check out our other cheap office binders, along with all of the other colors we have in our selection. This 2 inch D ring binders are high quality and cheap view binders. They are ideal for offices and schools. This binder is a bright red color, has three slanted D rings, and are view binders. The rings are 3 inches in diameter.
$ 3.82
each, 12 min

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