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Tools : Screwdrivers :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
AB074 6 pc. Swivel Head Screwdriver Set 2 Phil #1/#0 4 Sled 1.4mm/
Precision screwdrivers feature swivel-head handles with bright plated shafts fluted for grip. They have hardened and tempered steel blades.
0.93 each, minimum 24
DM050 2-Pack Phillips Screwdriver Set
2-pack of phillips screwdrivers have full fluted handles for better grip and maximum torque. Screwdrivers are 6" and 5 3/4" long.
0.96 each, minimum 24
DM085 2 pc. 11/2" Stubby Screw Drivers 1ea Slotted/Phillips
Set of 2 PVC & tempered steel stubby screwdrivers. Red handled Phillips is 3 1/8" long w/blade 1 1/2" & handle 1 5/8". Blue handled Slotted is 3 1/4" long w/blade 1 5/8" & handle 1 5/8".
0.94 each, minimum 24
HC206 4 piece screwdriver set (2 slotted and 2 philips)
No toolbox is complete without a simple set of screwdrivers. Set includes: 2 slotted and 2 philips head screwdrivers. Each screwdriver has a rubber coating for a non-slip grip while in use. Comes packaged on a hanging blister card.
1.36 each, minimum 24
MA036 6 In 1 Tempered Steel Screwdriver Set And Exchangeable Drive
This six-in-one screwdriver set is made of high quality metal with a comfortable rubber handle for easy grip. It comes with four phillips head and two flat head screwdriver heads.
1.04 each, minimum 24
MA047 6PC Swivel Head Precision Screwdriver w/ Box
These swivel-head precision screwdrivers are packed neatly in a box, making them easy to store and use. They feature hardened and tempered steel blades and a finish that helps to resist corrosion.
0.88 each, minimum 24
ML075 2 PK 4' Barrel Bolts w/ Hardware
High quality, 2 pack 4" barrel bolts includes ten black 5/8" screws for installation. Pack comes in laminated carded packaging with UPC.
0.77 each, minimum 24
MS017 4 in 1 Screw Driver w/ 4 Drivers
The four-in-one screwdriver has a cushion grip handle for extra comfort and traction. Ideal for keeping organized! Tips include: 1/4" slotted, 3/16" slotted, #2 phillips and #2 hex. Measures 7" long without tips.
1.04 each, minimum 24
MS030 Barrel Bolt
Provides security for lightweight doors, chests, and cabinets. Left or right handed applications. Indoor or outdoor use. Hardware included. Included are 6 phillips head screws
0.82 each, minimum 48
MT002 12 Inch Flat Screwdriver
12" screwdriver is made of chrome alloy steels which are high quality alloys that exhibit a high degree of hardness. Comes in blister card packaging.
0.94 each, minimum 24
MT003 12 Inch Phillips Screwdriver
Perfect for hard-to-reach jobs, this Phillips screwdriver is 15" long, making it ideal for reaching into tight spaces and still getting the job done.
0.94 each, minimum 24
MT094 2 in 1 screwdriver set (10 screws included)
Handymen can carry fewer tools when they add this tool to their arsenal. Features interchangeable double-ended bit philips and slotted head. Green plastic handle. Set includes 10 screws. Overall size is 7 3/4" in length.
1.04 each, minimum 24
MT170 11 Piece Swivel Head Precision Screwdriver Set
Precision screwdriver set features hardened and tempered steel blades that resist corrosion, swivel-head handles with bright plated shafts fluted for grip and includes a magnet for easy pick-up.
1.10 each, minimum 24
MT369 8 PC Fold Out Pocket Screw Driver Set
8 pc set is a all in one folding jack knife style screwdriver. Great for any size screw heads, ideal for work, cars or home tool boxes. Includes 4 slotted and 4 phillips head screwdrivers. Comes in blister card package.
1.04 each, minimum 24
MT432 Pocket 4 In 1 Screwdriver
Has a black plastic body and comes with 2 different metal tips with end caps. Also has a pocket clip to always keep on hand. Comes packaged in a clam shell with hanging hole. Body with caps on is 5 1/4" long.
0.88 each, minimum 24
MT439 2 Piece Pocket Screwdrivers
This pocket screwdriver set comes with both a philips and slotted screwdriver. Each tool has hardened steel blades with pocket clips. Set is packaged on a blister card with hanging hole. Both are 5 1/4" long, plastic handles are 2 1/4" with 5/8" diameter.
0.88 each, minimum 24
MT464 4 Piece Screwdriver Set
4 Piece Screwdriver Set
0.67 each, minimum 48
MT472 3 way screwdriver (2 philips and 1 slotted)
The three-way screwdriver is a convenient tool with a unique design. Its "Y" design offers 1 slotted head and 2 philips tips. The screwdriver base is made of metal and has a center plastic case with an easy grip.
0.94 each, minimum 24
OB793 31-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver Set (24 Per PDQ)
The 31 in 1 screwdriver set is one of the most versatile and unique gadgets to have in your toolbox! Set contains 1 screwdriver base with 30 different driver bits. Simple to use - just choose your drill bit and insert it into base.
2.80 each, minimum 24
OB819 12 inch screwdriver set
This screwdriver pair was specifically designed to get into hard to reach places. Set includes both phillips and flat head screwdrivers. Each is made with hardened steel and have plastic handles. Each screwdriver measures 12" long.
1.76 each, minimum 24
OC179 7pc electrical tool set
The electrical tool kit includes everything needed for installations or repairs around the house. Set includes: utility knife, 6" side cutting pliers, 5 1/2" tester, 10' insulation tape, 2 insulation screwdrivers and 8" crimping pliers. Set comes in a hanging clam shell package.
9.20 each, minimum 12
OC180 11pc precision tool kit
The precision tool set makes a great addition to any toolbox. Each kit includes: 5" long nose pliers, 4 1/2" side cutter, 2 tweezers, 2" magnifying glass and 6 piece precision screwdrivers with case.
7.20 each, minimum 12
OC181 5pc basic tool kit
This basic tool set comes with everything needed to fix repairs around the home, office and more! Set includes: 8 ounce steel hammer, 6" slip joint pliers, 6 1/2' tape measure, 1 4" philips screwdriver and 1 4" slotted screwdriver.
8.80 each, minimum 12
OC583 31 Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Wrench Set
An essential and versatile tool set, this 31-Piece Ratchet Screwdriver Wrench Set is great to have around the house or workshop. The high grade alloy steel set includes one ratchet wrench, two precision screwdrivers and 28 bits.
6.80 each, minimum 12
OD357 44-Piece Compact Tool Set in Storage Case
Set includes: 1 utility knife, 8 hex key wrenches, 4 precision screwdrivers, 1 ratchet handle with 2 extension pieces, an 8-piece socket set and a 20-piece bit set
8.80 each, minimum 10

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