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Tools : Saws & Blades :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
AB054 12 inch hand saw
Handsaw is made of high quality steel and has a full size contoured plastic handle. Blade teeth are in a wood cutting design. 9 3/4" long x 3" wide blade.
1.36 each, minimum 24
MT510 Mini hacksaw
This hacksaw may be small but it makes up for it's size by getting into those hard to reach places. Has an adjustable blade so it can handle whatever job you need. Blade has tiny serrated teeth perfect for cutting through plastic or thin wood.
0.88 each, minimum 48
OB583 Metal frame hacksaw
Metal frame hacksaw is ideal for woodcutting and has a full-size contoured handle for comfort. Saw blade is made of sturdy metal with tiny sharp teeth for cutting ease. Hacksaw is packaged loose with a wrap around card. Blade measures 12" and total size of hacksaw is 16 3/4" long.
2.16 each, minimum 24
OB902 8 piece hacksaw set
This hacksaw set is ideal for cutting wood, plastic and PVC. Hacksaws are easy to use and great to have on hand in garages! Set includes 1 small hacksaw with 2 extra blades and 1 large hacksaw with 2 extra blades.
1.92 each, minimum 24
OB927 20 inch handsaw
This handsaw is ideal for plastic, wood and soft metals. Has a comfortable ergonomic handle for a secure grip while working. Handsaw comes packaged loose with a artwork sleeve. Measures approximately 20" long.
2.80 each, minimum 20
The curved handsaw is ideal for cutting plastic, wood and soft metal. Has an ergonomic non-slip handle. Great for any tool box. Comes packaged with an artwork sleeve. Measures 14".
1.92 each, minimum 24
OC545 24 inch bow hacksaw
Works on wood, plastic and is a nice tool to have on hand for heavy duty gardening work. Bow saw has a grip handle for a secure grasp. Comes packaged loose with a protective covering. Measures approximately 24" long.
4.80 each, minimum 12
OC546 18 inch machete w/wooden handle
The wood handled machete is ideal for clearing brush and wood. Also makes an excellent survival tool. Machete has a wood handle with stainless steel finished blade. Comes packaged loose with a protective paper sheath. Measures approximately 18".
3.84 each, minimum 12
SBR-CH 12 12" Carbide Demolition Blade
Carbide Chunk Rescue and Demolition Blades are designed with a heavy duty steel plate, large carbide chuck segments, and fracture-resistant carbide. These blades are popular with firefighters, landscapers for tree root removal and roofers for demolition. There is no minimum order on this item.
160.00 min. 1 blade

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