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Mid-State Merchandise Co.
264 N. Main St., Unit C
DAYTON, Ohio 45459 United States
Phone: (937)580-0178

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About Our Company
Mid-State Merchandise Company has been funded in 2006. The company wholesales general products. All our products are purchased directly from factory. We do not purchase any item from wholesaler in order to keep the items in lower cost.

About Our Products
The products we sell are estimated after receiving, and checked again before shipping to our customers. Our company makes every effort to ensure that merchandise is shipped out in good condition.

Return Policy
Return/Exchange Policy All transaction is done under FOB method. To help keep our prices lower, we have a strict no return/no exchange policy. Please make sure that everything you purchase is exactly what you want; color, size, shape, quantity, etc. We do not warranty or guarantee freight rates.

Minimum Order
Generally, minimum $100 order. Some items, we require purchasing by box, pack, or dozen.

Customers ordering our items agree to accept the merchandise ?AS IS? upon receipt.

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