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NEW PRODUCT - Tear & Toke is an inexpensive, re-usable, disposable pipe that caters directly to the world's fastest growing market. The best part? It's already in high demand and doesn't compete with other smoking accessory products. Keystone pricing at both wholesale and retail levels? No counter space needed to merchandise.

  • Customer value, sold in 3-pipe sets
  • Keystone pricing at wholesale and retail
  • New smoking accessory category
  • Doesn't compete with other products
  • Zero counter space needed
  • Repeat purchases
  • Word of mouth advertising
100% Risk-Free Buyback Program!
100% Risk-Free Buyback Program!

MJ Toker will repurchase all unsold Tear & Toke cards in their original condition at the purchased price less shipping within the buyback period. Buyback period is within 120-180 days of purchase.

Tear & Toke Disposable Pipes
Tear & Toke Disposable Pipes

$30 per pack and each pack contains 20 Tear & Tokes. Unit cost of $1.50 - RRP of $2.99 - 100% markup!


Supplier Type: Distributor, Manufacturer, Wholesaler

Price Point: Value Price

Minimum Order: Two Retail Packs

Payment Accepted: Wire, eCheck, Credit Card, Check

Sample Packs: No