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bssig. Milk And Honey "Intentionally Good" Bath Soak
Milk And Honey "Intentionally Good" Bath Soak A soothing and hydrating blend of milk, honey & herbs to soothe dry winter skin, calm your nerves and relieve stress as you soak. INGREDIENTS DRY MILK + ROSE HIPS +LAVENDER + CHAMOMILE FLOWERS +PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT + DRIED PEPPERMINT + OATS + HONEY STICK INCLUDES 5oz Bath Blend 1 Muslin Bag 1 decorative spoon for filling the bag 1 instruction card INSTRUCTIONS Pour the desired amount of milk bath blend into the empty muslin bag. Tie the bag tightly. Place into warm bathwater. For best results dunk the bag and squeeze as you bathe to release the comforting warmth of the floral aroma and silky milk hydration of the blend. Squeeze honey stick into the water for an added measure of luxurious skincare. *Please note any allergies you may have prior to using this product*
$ 6.50