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CBD Oils :

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695924284072 Broad Spectrum 1000mg
Experience all the benefits of cannabis but without THC. Our Broad Spectrum oil is made with the aerial parts of the hemp plant. We manufacture it through ethanol extraction to produce a beautiful distillate oil.
* 35.00 Each
695924284089 Broad Spectrum 500mg
Our Broad Spectrum 500mg Oil has all the benefits of cannabis but without THC. Great for those who cannot have THC or prefer not to have it. We use the aerial parts of the hemp plant and manufacture it with ethanol extraction into a clear and smooth distillate oil.
* 25.00 Each
695924284034 CBD Flower Oil
Premium oil, made from hemp flowers instead of stalk, stems and leaves. A lightweight MCT oil, with a beautiful cannabis fragrance and taste. In addition to cannabinoids, hemp flowers have terpenes which are known for many heath benefits.
* 40.00 Each
695924284126 Whole Plant
A whole plant CBD oil made with aerial parts of the hemp plant. This oil contains a wide variety of cannabinoids and other natural compounds such as omega fatty acids which are known for many health benefits.
* 25.00 Each

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