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100% Non-Toxic
Safe for all over 6 months!!!

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  Item # Description Price Unit
8718164112416 Adult Citronella Bracelet
Pack of 25 individually wrapped Silicone bracelet's that provide 72 hour protection against Mosquitoes. - Waterproof - 100% Natural
25.00 25 packs in display box
8718164113116 Flower Pot 12x1
We know that mosquitoes and other insects are uninvited guests at your table! Keeping them away is easy with the functional and trendy range of Silicone Flower Pots. - effective for 6-8 weeks - Includes 3 refills - Citronella Based
*82.80 12x1 Flower Pot Display Box
8718164113536 Nano-Tech Bracelet
The trendy bracelets are available in 6 colors. Use the bracelet on your arm or ankle and it will provide you protection for 20 days against mosquitoes and other insects. No liquids, odorless and one size fits all in an attractive woven pattern.
*114.48 24x1 Nano Tech Bracelet display box
8718164112812 SpotZzz Safari 15x5Pk Display Box
Handy & fun citronella stickers that can be attached to back packs, tents, shoes, clothing, beds, pretty much anywhere you need protection from mosquitoes! - 72 Hour protection - All Natural - Waterproof
*107.55 15x5pk display box
8718164112829 SpotZzz Safari Single 50x1
Display box of 50 sheets of our Safari stickers
*71.50 50x1 sheet of 6 Safari stickers
8718164119118 Summer Bracelets - 5pk
5Pk of assorted colors of our silicone bracelet that uses a clip to provide a custom fit. - 72 Hour Protection - 100% Natural - Waterproof - Safe for Chldren
*7.67 1 pk of 5 bracelets