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8718164113475. Family Spray 12pk Display Box
2in1 Luxury skin care,fragrance & insect repellent Through an exclusive joint venture MosquitNo has created a ground breaking skin care series protecting against the sun and mosquitoes! Imagine: an advanced 2in1 skin care range that protects you and your family against a sunburn and at the same time against mosquitoes and other insects. An insect repellent with a outstanding fragrance and great safety advantages for human and environment. Saltidin, the active ingredient used in our 2in1 Cosmetic range, has many advantages: 1) More effective as DEET, 2) Non toxic, 3) Safe for children and adults, 4) Safe for the environment. SaltidinŽ is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best alternative for DEET. Due to the increased awareness of the dangers involved in using DEET-based repellents we believe that MosquitNo's advanced Insect Repellent cosmetice range will offer a excellent alternative to replace DEET-based products on the market. Why Buy? 100% DEET free Easy to apply on skin Dermatologically tested Safe for children >6 months Non-toxic Environmentally friendly No typical insect repellent fragrance! With Aloë Vera, White Lotus & SaltidinŽ Active insect repellent ingredient SaltidinŽ. Recommended by the WHO Flight Safe Label - <100ml Easy to carry in handbag or luggage
12x1 Display Box