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8718164112751. Fabric Softener 12x1 display box
MosquitNo leverages on new technologies,consumer insights and business needs to deliver innovative solutions for worldwide protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Nano Technology is a fairly new and extremely innovative technology which consists of the manipulation of elements on an atomic and molecular scale. This is innovative and unique and consists a matrix of nanoparticles which allow the transportation of active components. All products in our Nano range offer long lasting protection. Some products, like the fabric softener, can even be re-activated without re-applying. The Nano products protect against diseases like Dengue, Yellow Fever and Malaria. Besides, it is non toxic and biocompatible. To use for: Long lasting protection Treat bed sheets, curtains, sleeping bags and tents Clothing, uniforms and sporting gear Use the Nano-tech bracelet for long lasting personal protection.
12x1 Display Box