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8718164112768. Repellent Wipes
MosquitNo has created a ground breaking skin care series protecting against the sun and mosquitoes! Imagine: an advanced 2in1 skin care range that protects you and your family against a sunburn and at the same time against mosquitoes and other insects. An insect repellent with a outstanding fragrance and great safety advantages for us and the environment. Saltidin, the active ingredient used in our 2in1 Cosmetic range, has many advantages: 1) More effective than DEET 2) Non toxic 3) Safe for children and adults 4) Safe for the environment. Saltidin® is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best alternative for DEET. Due to the increased awareness of the dangers involved in using DEET-based repellents we believe that MosquitNo's advanced Insect Repellent cosmetic range will offer a excellent alternative to replace DEET-based products.
50x1 Display Box