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About Our Company
Family business created in 2014 in Lima, Peru. Our life experience took us along the Amazonian Andean spiritual path, to the practice and use of different holistic and mystical products from this energy zone of our planet. We seek to offer the best products by being directly in contact with the producers themselves, only in this way can we ensure their quality and sustainability. In case of Palo Santo, we are associated with coastal communities of ŽLas lomas ? PiuraŽ, who work this noble product in a sustainable way, we use only naturally dead trees, the same ones that preserve the quality and energy that are needed for initiation assignments and mystics around the world. We do not prey, we support reforestation initiatives and responsible use of resources, since Palo Santo is the only economic activity for many families in this desert area of ​​Peru.

About Our Products
Palo santo sticks, powder, chips, cones, beads, oil and handicrafts.

Minimum Order
20 kg in bulk and 500 pc's in private labeling.

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