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Minimum Order: $50.00

About Our Company
MUSA Direct offers Junior Basic Seamless Apparel. A global brand in junior apparel as a Manufacturer, Importer & Wholesaler and carries over 1 million in stock products ready to ship our clients. Clients include local wholesalers, online retailers, boutique and nation-wide retail stores. We specialize in nylon/spandex and polyester/spandex. Factory Wrap Certified (BSCI, ISO14000, SA8000, WRAP) OEM available. 10% OFF First Time Buyers! We are one of the oldest and most recognized wholesale companies in the industry since 1990.

About Our Products
Wholesale Seamless Leggings, Printed Leggings, Fleece Solid Leggings, Fleece Printed Leggings, Capri Leggings, Seamless Shorts, Plus Size Leggings, Seamless Tank Tops, Seamless Camisoles, Seamless Skirts, Crochet Shorts, Crochet Tops, Lace Bra Tops, Sports Bra Tops, Bandeaus, Fishnet Long Sleeves, Tube Tops and more!

Return Policy
We accept returns only in original packaging and must be presented with receipt or invoice. no exceptions.

Minimum Order
The first order can be mixed pieces, as long as minimum is met $50. Future orders must be by packs only. 1 pack = 10 pieces/color. Discounts available for box orders. 1 box = 100 pieces/color.

We do not accept PO with terms.

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