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The Ultimate Hiking Directory for New England

Outdoor recreational activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, canoing, backpacking, rock climbing etc. play an important role in improving the economy of New England. These activities create awareness about the importance of flora and fauna. It is essential to conserve, protect and preserve our natural resources. The Government plays a vital role in promoting environmental protection through recreational activities.   Outdoor activities are also an excellent way to boost one's physical fitness without joining a gym. Taking part in the natural beauty of one's surroundings benefits not only the body but also the mind, it truly is the best remedy after a long winter.

MAINE (Acadia National Park)

  • View: A detailed and beautified pictorial representation of the exact location and view of the national park.
  • Latest news: Issues regarding the protection of the national park that have been raised during 2010 that need to be addressed.
  • Location: Situated in Maine, Acadia national park is considered as the smallest national park in the United States.
  • Climate Disruption: Continuous changes in the global climatic conditions can strongly affect the climatic conditions and hence, the life in the park.
  • Maine’s forest: The forests of the Maine seem to be divided among the public and the private sector. This provides the details of the same.
  • Freeport: A small town that was founded in the 18th century known to contribute to the economy.
  • Portland: A city that is attractive, which keeps the tourists flowing in throughout the year.

NEW HAMPSHIRE (Mount Washington)

  • The trail network: A detailed summary of the trail network represented with trail maps for guidance.
  • Winter Recreation: New Hampshire is the place to be in winters for numerous outdoor activities which can be enjoyed not only by children but also adults.
  • Kayaking: New Hampshire provides you with an amazing experience of kayaking and people all around the world just love it.
  • Trails: New Hampshire is known for quite a few numbers of trails which are generally the spot for hiking for many tourists.
  • Skiing: During the winter season skiing is a lot of fun for families who love the snow.
  • Appalachian Trail: One of the most magnificent trails across the world which invites tourists from all over the world.
  • Recreation: Home for a number of water bodies, New Hampshire is a hot spot for water sports.
  • River bend region: Information regarding the different water sports that can be enjoyed in New Hampshire.
  • Mount. Washington: One of the most common tourist spot for hikers for exercising their backpack and rock climbing skills.
  • City Guide: A detailed overview providing information about the tourists spots, hotels, restaurants etc. 


  • Environment protection: The department of environment protection in Connecticut has listed many ways by which outdoor activities can help in the protection of the environment.
  • Appalachian mountain club: Lists down the various activities taking place in Connecticut and how the tourists can plan their trips according to different programs available.
  • Water Sports: This link provides extensive information about the different water sports, locations, tours etc.
  • Walk CT: plays a vital role in creating awareness about various hiking trails, all over Connecticut.
  • National Park Service: This link gives a detailed account of how actively the people are involved in national park preservation and conservation.

VERMONT (Green Mountain, Appalachian trail)

  • The Appalachian Trail: It is a long trail which is divided into four regions which makes it easier to locate. This link enlists the names of the regions.
  • Oldest trail: This trail is the longest and the oldest trail and is also represented in a map in this link.
  • The path of trail: This link gives information regarding the path the trail follows and the forests, farmlands it covers.
  • Bikers: The link provides with information for the bikers who want to ride their way thru Vermont.
  • Trail maintenance: Gives details of the activities that can have been and can be done for the proper maintenance of the trail.
  • History: Provides with an account of the history of the trail, when it was recognized, by whom and how the idea propagated.
  • Trail wilderness: This link gives a sneak peek of all the spots and the activities that can be explored while on the trail and it a guide for first timers.
  • The mountain summary: Gives a summary about the history, geology, flora and fauna, the peaks and the rivers near the trail.
  • Winters: Winters are the best season for the hikers who are interested in hiking on the 265 miles long trail.

MASSACHUSETTS (Berkshire Mt’s)

  • Department of Fish and Game: Enlists the functions of the department whose aim is to make people aware about environment protections by introduction of new recreational activities.
  • Mass wildlife: The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) are in charge of taking care of the mass wildlife.
  • Natural History: Provides a summary regarding the history of Massachusetts and when was it founded.
  • Trail resources: Gives detailed information regarding the variety of trail resources available in Massachusetts.
  • Campgrounds: Enlists the things these locations offer to the tourists which promotes tourism.
  • Scenic drives: An account of all the places one can visit in north, south, east, west and central Massachusetts.
  • Mohawk Trail region: A list of the places that mark the trail region which can be visited by the tourists. 
  • Nasami Farm and Sanctuary: This nursery in Massachusetts serves as home for a number of plants.
  • Trout fishing: This is to promote which is listed in the link to preserve, protect and conserve fisheries.


  • Newport: A city with scenic beauty, amazing water bodies for recreational activities and warm nature of the people who reside there, Newport is a new tourist spot and this link lists the reasons for the same.
  • Location: Gives the details regarding the exact location, where exactly Rhode Island is situated.
  • Historical Society: The Rhode Island Historical Society, a private setup was established in 1822.
  • Rhode Island Maps: A detailed pictorial representation of the various attractions in Rhode Island and ways to approach them.
  • Events: Lists down the activities that take place in Rhode Island around the year like concerts, cultural festivals etc. 
  • Westport: Popularly known for shell fishing is the new tourist spot and this link provides information regarding the same.
  • Site: Provides detailed history about the culture, tourism, wildlife etc.
  • Recreational activities: Provides a list of all the outdoor recreational activities that can be performed in Rhode Island.
  • NEMBA: An association of all the bikers which was started in the year 1977. This link provides detailed information about how it started.

NEW YORK (Adirondacks)

  • Adirondacks: Account of all the lakes, mountains that surround the Adirondacks. It is owned by both private and public sector.
  • Hiking trails: A list of hiking trails those are open for tourists for hiking.
  • Adirondack Mountain Club: Helps people to understand how important it is to protect and preserve the forests and how important their recreational use is.
  • Canal Society of New York State: Society which focuses on the development of outdoor activities for improving canal trails.
  • Ontario Pathways Trail: Lists the towns this trail covers and which all public and private organizations hold a portion of the trail.
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