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Soft & Luxurious Alpaca Fiber Socks
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Offering a variety of colors: Black, Cranberry, Dark Green, Denim, Dk. Brown, Dk. Gray, Ivory, Lavender, Lt. Blue, Navy, Pink & Tan
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HWB Heavyweight Boot Alpaca Socks
Soft, breathable and durable, Heavyweight Norlander Alpaca socks are a treat for your feet. Our Heavyweight Boot socks are great for skiing, hunting, hiking and horseback riding or relaxing at home. They come right below the knee.
14.50 1
HWC Heavyweight Crew Alpaca Socks
Walk on air with our cushioned, heavyweight alpaca socks. They come right around mid-to-upper calf.
12.50 1
HWGB Heavyweight Gift Box
Our Norlander Heavyweight Gift Box comes with one short, one crew, and one boot. Contact us to specify the size and color you want for your order.
37.50 1
HWS Heavyweight Short Alpaca Socks
Alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic and moisture wicking. Norlanders alpaca socks are not only extra soft but also very durable.
11.50 1
LWA Lightweight Ankle Alpaca Socks
Norlander Sock Company uses only the finest baby alpaca fiber to make our socks breathable and moisture wicking. Great to wear for running, walking or any outdoor activity's. They also have a cushioned tab at the heel of the ankle, Which makes these ankle alpaca sock extra comfy!
7.50 1
LWC Lightweight Crew Alpaca Socks
Our Norlander Alpaca Lightweight Crew socks are fashionable dress socks but are fun to wear and available in a variety of colors. They come right around mid-to-upper calf.
10.50 1
LWGB Lightweight Gift Box
Our Norlander Lightweight Gift Box set comes with one ankle, one short, and two crew. Contact us to specify the color and size you want for your order.
37.50 1
LWS Lightweight Short Alpaca Sock
Norlander Sock Company uses a blend of high quality baby Alpaca Fiber. Norlander lightweight Alpaca Socks are great for warmer weather activities which is great for hiking, biking, and camping. They are a few inches taller than our ankle socks. They are truly a treat for your feet!
9.50 1

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