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Norlander Sock Company
1266 Jungermann Rd Ste F
St. Peters, Missouri 63376 United States
Phone: 636-685-0031, Fax: 636-447-4102

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About Our Company
Norlander Sock Company is a division of Alpacas Midwest, our farm in Defiance, Missouri since 1986. We started with only three alpacas but, like our company, our herd has grown. Our love for alpacas has led us to create the best alpaca socks on the market. We pride ourselves in creating luxurious yet durable alpaca socks that will perform.

About Our Products
Norlander Alpaca Socks come in heavyweight and lightweight varieties. Norlander Heavyweight Alpaca Socks come in short, crew and boot styles. Norlander Lightweight Socks feature Baby Alpaca Fleece and come in ankle, short and crew styles. We have twelve colors that are perfect for work or play.

Return Policy
Norlander Alpaca Sock Company's goal is to provide our customers with superior alpaca socks. If they do not perform to your satisfaction, we guarantee them but cannot replace or refund socks damaged from normal wear and tear. Refunds must be requested, with a copy of the invoice within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will only be issued to the original payment method. Contact our customer service line with further questions at 636-685-0031.

Minimum Order
There is no minimum order.

Payment is due at time of order placement.

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