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Minimum Order: $25.00

Miscellaneous Pipes :

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
AQUA Aqua Pipe
Aqua Pipe in assorted colors.
6.95 each
BatteryPipe Battery Powered Pipe
Battery Powered Pipe - Batteries not included. Assorted colors.
9.95 each
CLP Car Lighter Pipe
Car Lighter Pipe. Fits in your lighter holder in the car.
3.25 each
F1 Fimo Pipe
Fimo Pipe in assorted designs. 3" Long, Nickel and Brass finish
4.35 each
FLASH Flashlight Pipe - SALE $3.95
Flashlight Pipe in assorted Colors. SALE $3.95 Was $4.95
3.95 each
FLIP Wood Flip Pipe
Wood Flip Pipe in assorted designs, 2 extra orings included.
5.95 each
H7 5" Solid Brass Hookah
5" Solid Brass Hookah
6.95 each
HP2 2" Hemp Pipe
2" Hemp Pipe available in Nickel or Brass Finish. They come in an assortment of color combinations.
2.50 each
HP3 3" Hemp pipe
3" Hemp pipe, available in nickel or brass finish. Multi colored, solid colors and 3 split colors. Only multi shown in the picture.
2.95 each
INWOOD Inlaid Wood Pipes Out of Stock
Small wooden pipes with inlaid wood designs.
2.95 each
LIP Lipstick Pipe
Red Lipstick Pipe.
6.95 each
MARK Marks-a-Lot, Marker Pipe Out of Stock
Marks-a-Lot Black Magic Marker Hide away Pipe. The outside writing may differ in color. (The markers do not write. The sponge holding the ink is taken out to accomodate the pipe.)
5.25 each
MARK1 Red Permanent Marker Pipe
Red Permanent Marker pipe, available only in red. (The markers do not write. The sponge holding the ink is taken out to accomodate the pipe.)
5.25 each
MGNT Magnet Pipe
Magnetic Pipe available in assorted colors, Made in the USA.
5.95 each
Proto The Faux Proto Pipe
Compare to the Original Proto Pipe, this is the fax version. All Metal.
14.95 each
T5 Tye Dye Chamber Pipe - Made in the USA
Tye Dye Chamber Pipe in assorted designs,available in Nickel or Brass Finish, Made in the USA.
2.95 each
WIP Assorted Wood Pipes Out of Stock
Assorted Wood Pipes, Approximate Sizes 3" to 4". Assorted inlaid wood, some with Brass inserts, Combination woods, etc.
2.50 each

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