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All of our products are handcrafted from a palm tree nut native to the lush tropical rainforests of Ecuador. Also referred to as the Ecuadorean Ivory Palm, the Tagua tree produces several bushels of seed pods a year with up to 100 Tagua nuts per pod. These nuts are then harvested, dried, and crafted into a wide range of products.

  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable
  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • Vegetable Organic Dyes
  • Nickel Free, Lead Free, and Hypoallergenic earring wires
  • Jewelry shine comes from tumbling NO chemicals used in making jewelry
Gracia Necklace
Gracia Necklace

Our New Gracia Necklace is the perfect multiple strand necklace made from little square tagua pieces. Pair it with our Gracia Earrings and Bracelet to complete the look.

Brittany Necklace
Brittany Necklace

An eye-catching piece to wear this season. Our New Brittany Necklace is made with layers of tagua on an adjustable cord.

Amigas Earrings
Amigas Earrings

One of our everlasting pieces that goes with any look.

Achira Earrings
Achira Earrings

Our New Achira Earrings are the perfect statement earrings. They are the perfect blend of recycled coconut and tagua.

Elliana Necklace
Elliana Necklace

Our New Elliana Necklace brings together multiple shapes of tagua to create a unique look.

Sarita Necklace
Sarita Necklace

A fashion faithful necklace. Tiny tagua buttons comes together to create our new Sarita Necklace.


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