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  Item # Description Price Unit
0001 Category 1 medium NPR Bracelet
Here are our signature wristbands with the Natural Pest Repellent logo. Can double as a pet collar with the same pest and insect repellent effect. Range 9 square feet.
8.00 ea
0003 Category 1 Small Heart Necklace
Here is one of our more popular shapes, the heart. Still gives pest repellent protection but its frequency is specifically designed to focus on the health side. Helps the body produce HGH for healthy circulation and growth. Can customize shape. Effective range 9 square feet.
4.99 ea
0002 Category 1 Small Pet Collar
Our small necklaces and bracelets are perfect for small children and pets.They can keep flees and insects off them and still provide health benefits. Effective range up to 2.5 square feet.Comes in other shapes. Great Seller
4.99 ea
0005 Category 2 Medium Bracelet
Makes for a nice charm bracelet and gives you full pest repellent protection not to mention all the health benefits. Shapes can come as oval, star, hearts or this pineapple, also can be customized depending on order size. Effective range 9 square feet. Great Seller.
8.00 ea
0006 Category 2 Medium Keychain
Our key chains make a nice way to protect yourself if you are not into jewelry.Shapes can come as oval, star, hearts or this pineapple, also can be customized depending on order size. Effective range 9 square feet. Popular.
8.00 ea
0004 Category 2 Medium Necklace
Our medium size necklaces offer stronger natural pest repellent protection for adults. These have added health benefits of alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting energy. The effective range is 9 square feet. Top selling item. Good for Healthcare lines.
8.00 ea
0007 Category 3 Muffin
Our magnetic devices can be designed to help the body produce serotonin in which can give you a restful night sleep. Great for new born babies or sleep apnea sufferers. Can also keep insects away inside the house. Effective range 4.5 square yards. Great for health and beauty lines.
11.99 ea
0008 Category 3 Muffin- Food Preserver
This muffin can stage off bacteria and mold if you put it in your fridge or on your dinner table. Can keep your food fresh twice as long as normal. Also offers the same pest and insect repellent protection. Effective range 4.5 square yards. Great Household item seller.
11.99 ea
0009 Category 4 Frog
We have designed this magnetic device for agricultural purposes. It is an outdoor product that can enhance nearby vegetation growth. It can help gardeners and farmers produce more fruit and vegetables. Effective range 5 square yards. Great seller for agricultural line.
14.99 ea
0010 Category 5 Ducky
This specially designed ducky can kill any one cell bacteria like Algae upon contact. Can disinfect bathtubs naturally. Effective range 5 Square Yards. Great seller for home cleaning supplies.
14.99 ea
0011 Category 6 Elephant
This elephant makes for a great decorative piece for outside or inside and is the strongest insect and mosquito repellent we have. Great seller for camping and outdoor lines. Effective range 5 square yards. Shapes can be customized.
14.99 ea

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