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About Our Company
Based in Sedona, Arizona, owner Rebecca Donohue is an entrepreneur. She has had many businesses in various industries. Having two new puppies, she realized that there were no cute 420 themed toys for them. She sat down and designed their first toy "Jay" and the next day "Bud". Within weeks she had found a company to make the toys and so it began. Fun 420 themed dog toy for light play and funny photo props. She is always thinking of new, fun designs.

About Our Products
PAW:20 Pet Toys manufactures funny 420 cannabis themed dog and cat toys. Our toys are great for light play, funny pictures and more. They are a great addition to CBD stores, dispensaries, pet stores, gift stores, convenience stores, novelty stores and more. Adults love them as much as their pets do!

Minimum Order
Our direct wholesale ordering site has no order minimum. Try a few items in your store and wait for the response. People love them and they bring a lot of smiles!

Currently we ship within the US only. Please contact us to inquire about international orders. Shipping to be paid by the buyer.

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