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Weed Themed Dog Toys :

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DTBL1 B the Blunt 420 Weed Themed Dog Toy
B the Blunt was designed to be a funny dog toy, great for light play or as a photo prop. He is also a funny photo prop for adults! B's back is blank and looks like a giant 10" blunt.
*9.75 each
DTBO1 Bo da Bong 420 Rasta Dog Toy
Bo da Bong is a cute Rasta color doggie bong. He is about 9" high and has a built-in squeaker. He is great for light play and funny pictures of your dog with his bong. Ya gotta get one mon'
*10.79 each
DTBD1 Bud the Weed Nug 420 Dog Toy Out of Stock
Meet Bud! He is a cute little guy about 6" tall and 4" wide. He has a built-in squeaker and is great for light play. Better yet, for Instagram pics and video of your pet with his own "bud". Your dog will love joining you for 4:20!
*7.75 each
DTJY1 Jay the Joint Funny 420 Weed Themed Dog Toy Out of Stock
Meet Jay! He is approximately 7" high, canvas and has a built-in squeaker. Your pup will love joining you for 4:20! Jay is a happy joint ready for light play or better yet as a photo prop! Jay's back is blank and looks just like a big, lit joint! Great for funny Instagram pics and video!
*6.50 each
DTMJ1 MJ the Marijuana Leaf 420 Dog Toy
MJ might be our cutest toy yet! He is approximately 9" across and 13" from his top leaf to his shoes. He is a happy leaf filled with crinkle paper and a squeaker your dog will love.
*11.99 each

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