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PingPong Payment is your answer to an all-in-one payment platform. A complete suite of features paired with 24/7 dedicated global support gives you the ability to easily send, receive, hold, and convert funds, keeping your financial operations and payment processes efficient while minimizing the cost.

PingPong's global payment solutions include:

Supplier Payments: To make your supplier payments and invoicing process as simple and efficient as possible, PingPong helps you by enabling same-day payments sent to suppliers in their domestic currencies.

Virtual Wallet: Exchanging currencies is a breeze with PingPong's virtual wallet solution. This multi-currency wallet offers compatibility with many of the major currencies from across the globe including USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, CAD, AUD, JPY, MXN, AED, SGD, and PLN.

Payroll: Having a modern and optimized payroll process is crucial when expanding globally. With the right payroll approach, you can ensure your team is paid quickly and accurately, no matter where they are in the world.

API Integrations: When you partner with PingPong, you do not have to do away with all your old systems? in fact, PingPong offers API integration solutions to improve your existing systems and operations.

VAT: Value-added tax (VAT) has never been easier to pay than with PingPong. Your business can pay its VAT and GST taxes all from the central PingPong platform.

Ecommerce: Allow you to connect and accept payouts from all popular ecommerce marketplaces around the world. Bring your hard-earned money back to your bank accounts with great savings.

  • Zero Wire Fees (Avg. cost savings $20-30 per wire)
  • Ability to Pay Vendors and Contractors in Local Currency
  • Easily Pay Suppliers Anywhere with Next-day Payments
  • Receive Foreign Payments in 11 Currencies
  • Experience the Lowest FX Rate
  • Support GBP, USD, EUR, HKD, CAD, AUD, JPY, MXN, AED, SGD, PLN in 170+ countries
Simple to use

Monitor all payments and earnings from a single dashboard. Customizable multi-user access and permissions.


Lowest FX costs, plus free virtual accounts to make it easy to receive money locally and save even more when converting your profits!

Bank-level encryption

Manage, store, and update all of your payment information securely right from your PingPong dashboard.

Robust fraud prevention

The dedicated compliance team for anti-money laundering and fraud prevention


Supplier Type: Business Service

Price Point: Value Price


 "Since switching to PingPong, we've generated over six figures in savings." Ryan Clay, Marketplaces Manager, KontrolFreek