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  Item # Description Price Unit
004 Boundtree Snugfit Standard Bedsheets
Boundtree Snugfit standard bedsheets for sale. Seeking only $9,895 for take all, 41,100 sheets. New in boxes. FOB: Texas
9,895.00 41,100 sheets
003 Owens Corning P243
3 levels of 16 rolls per pallet. 38.5 tons available, all new. (35,000 kg.) FOB: US or Mexico. (It is now in Central Mexico.) Seeking only $0.59/lb. USD. $1.30/kg. OBO
CALL lot
002 Remanufactured Auto Compressors
Qty. 3,000 auto compressors, remanufactured. Seeking offer of around $49ea! In 16 Gaylord boxes about 30K lbs. FOB: Texas.
147,000.00 lot of 3,000 pcs
001 Ultra Bullet Food Processor
Qty. 8,000 Ultra Bullet food processor units for sale, new boxes. FOB: Texas. Can do $7.50 ea. - take all.
60,000.00 lot of 8,000 pcs