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DF-WB-1439. Ceramic Diffuser Golden Orchid Fragrance Wild Bluebell 1439

  • Beautify your Home! Every person desires to have a lovely and beautiful house. Our unique designs add charm and beauty to any home decor design. A pleasant aroma sets the environment inside the home, transforming your space into a refreshing, calm retreat as the delicate cactus allow the subtle release of our beautiful scents.

  • Convenient & Long Lasting up to 90 days! Lasts for months without lifting a finger. No flame required. Unlike candles, ceramic diffusers do not require a flame, making it a much safer way to scent any room. 

  • 120ml / 4.05fl.oz

  • Golden printed gift box, ceramic orchid flower, glass bottle 120ml fragrance oils. Hint of bellflowers, lily of the valley, musk. 
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