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Pure Honey Caramels and Chocolates
Made with honey from our own bees!

All Natural, Handcrafted, Gluten Free

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  Item # Description Price Unit
ZEM03 Blue Ribbon Gift Box
This nice looking, inexpensive box will please all of you customers. Comes in a case of 12.
69.00 Case of 12
BCAW9 Caramel Classic
These truffles are HUGE in comparison to any other chocolatiers, for the same price. Our truffles are 1/3 bigger, which is money in your pocket when you buy from us.
17.55 Box of 9
PCAB6 Caramel Kisses 6 pound
An easy and affordable counter item. 420 pieces come in this box which will easily sell as impulse items for .25-.50 cents each. Your cost is .16 each.
72.95 6 pound box
BDDW9 Dark on Dark
A dark chocolate honey mixture dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate. Individually wrapped, 9 big truffles (1.4 oz) to a box.
17.55 Box of 9
TPD2W Dark Pecan Honeymoon Wrapped
Our best selling honeymoon in heart healthy dark chocolate. Individually wrapped for your convenience and for a super long shelf life, up to one year! Easy to handle, easier to sell.
48.75 Box of 25
Sauce Honey Caramel Sauce
We love honey caramel sauce on apples, ice cream and yes, popcorn. Put it on whatever you want. It?s OK, we won?t judge.
95.40 Case of 12
WHH09 Huckleberry Whipped Honey 9 ounce
Comes 12 to a case or mix and match. We also have Raspberry, Cinnamon, Plain, & Peanut Butter. In the same jar and for the same price, we also have Honey Caramel Sauce and Honey Butterscotch Sauce. Perfect for ice cream and apples.
95.40 Box of 12
AEC75 Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bites
Individually wrapped in a jar. Perfect for the counter. Makes a great and smart impulse buy. 42% of the total is pure honey.
56.25 1 Jar of 75 pieces
TNC75 Milk Chocolate Honeymoon Patties 75 count
The Honeymoon Pattie is our award winning "turtle" without the nuts on the bottom and in a smaller bite size piece. Now individually wrapped, they have been called "dangerous" and "bad, very bad" if there are more than just one around. Same great honeymoon taste now in bite sized pieces.
56.25 Jar of 75
TNC2W Milk Chocolate Pecan Honeymoons
America's Favorite nut: pecans; in America's Favorite chocolate: milk! Individually wrapped for your and your customers convenience. Easy to stock, easier to sell! 25 Large 1.5 oz Honeyoons (turtles) to the box. 1.80 each.
48.75 Box of 25
ZHE06 Mini Truffle Gift Box
A great mixture of our best selling truffles all in one box. Comes in a case of 12.
150.00 Case of 12
PPPB6 Pecan Pearl 6 pounds
Approximately 420 pieces of our fast selling and fan favorite Pecan Pearl. Add this to your register for a quick and healthy impulse buy!
72.95 6 pound box
ENERGY QBee Energy Bar
Easy display item. Perfect for impulse buys. Once people try, they will come back again and again. Fifteen bars to the box, just tear off the top and you are ready to sell!
25.50 Box of 15