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Request: Health and Beauty products
I am a small distributor in north Carolina. I am looking for food, health and beauty products for grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets.

Company Name: Globamex Distribution

Date Posted: 01/16/18

Supplier Responses (11)


We are wholesale suppliers of a wide range of beauty products, fragrances, custom scented body lotions, shower gels, massage oils, air freshener sprays, burning oils, Argan Hair Care products, natural beard oil and balm. These are ideal products for gas stations, convenience stores, barber shops, hair salons etc. Please browse our website at www.wholesalebodyoils.com and or give us a call, toll free on 1 800 418 7373

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We can supply you with health/beauty products, household products(like cleaning supplies, cleaning tools, and other household essentials.

If you would like, take a look at our website, and view our catalog for a full list of brands we carry. www.hbamfl.com


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Sir, We carry, exclusively, the LeeVeLo brand products. LeeVeLo is an aromatherapy line of products for women, young mothers and babies. The products are all natural and Vegan. They sell very well. Please review the products at www.bigtimeshopping.com under the Aromatherapy tab. In addition, we carry a line of personal care products (Shampoo, Cond. etc.) for babies and kids. You can find them at the same site under the tab 'Kids - Clean and Happy'. as you can see, those are unique as well. Please note, all of our products are high-end products. Should you wish to proceed, we will direct you to our wholesale portal. Regards.

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Good Afternoon, I would like to send you our product list. Please send me an email directly to Dara@closeoutsworld.com Thank you

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Good day, Globamex Distribution!

Thank you for interest in our product line. Serenity2000 has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of magnetic therapy products for the past 20 plus years. Magnetic fashion jewelry, magnetic therapy pads, sleep systems and other health and support magnetic wraps. Our unique and quality merchandise can be viewed and discovered on our wholesale website as follows: Log in to:

http://www.megnetictherapywholesale.com User id: guest Password: magnet

This will allow you to see the product lineup and the wholesale and msrp pricing. However to place any orders you will have to navigate to fill out a wholesaler application form in order to open an account with Serenity2000 and become a registered wholesaler of our products. We will be delighted to receive your application and start working with you. Wishing you a lot of success!

Thank you!

Wholesale Management Team Serenity2000

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Hi Globamex,

Lotus Light has thousands of Health & Beauty products. Please check us out at www.lotuslight.com. Start setting up your online account for access to our full range of services and the most recent pdf version of our print catalog as well. We sell eaches and have low minimum order requirements as well as very popular free freight options. We look forward to doing business with you.

Tom Olson Lotus Companies 262-889-8501 ext 129

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Hi! FashionGo is the No.1 Online business-to-business(B2B) fashion marketplace connecting wholesale vendors and retail buyers from the around the world.

FashionGo offers buyers 24/7 access to vast collection of wholesale fashion so they can shop the latest trends at the best prices.

Here's a link to some health & beauty products you may be interested in: https://www.fashiongo.net/Catalog?cid=100

If you are unable to access our product listings, you can register your business here: https://www.fashiongo.net/register and start shopping within 24 hours!

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Bob-Bila Distributors is a wholesaler of medicines, health & beauty aids, batteries, shaving supplies, medical supplies and general merchandise. Our selection of products can be found at www.bobbila.com. If you'd like to find out more information or receive a full list of items, please contact us at sales@bobbila.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, Naveed

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Hi there,

I think I have a couple of brands that would interest you. Please have a look at the links below. I'd like to have a conversation about the brands and get your thoughts. You can call me at 289-231-8161 or email me at steve.cushing@swordfishsalesgroup.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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We can supply you with health and beauty products. Please call me to discuss at 804-475-1992.


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