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Buyer Request

Request: Childrens Toys
Looking for wholesale distributors for Children's Toys. Please respond so I can contact you for the list of sku's available.

Company Name: QuickBuyZone

Date Posted: 03/21/18

Supplier Responses (6)


Please send email directly to me at frank.trice@edresource.com

Thank you, Frank Trice

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You can view all of our products and pricing here: http://sunrisewholesalemerchandise.com/wholesale-products/"

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Hello, EE Distribution is a wholesale supplier and distributor of toys, action figures, collectible statues, prop replicas, television and movie memorabilia, comic book figures, board games, pop culture toys, dolls, gifts, sports action figures, and more! We would love to schedule a call. You can E-mail an EE Distribution Representative at sales@eedistribution.com, or call 1-818-255-0095.

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Dear customer,

Here is our whole list of the solar and renewable energy toys. Please reply to this below email address, where I can send you another attachment with pictures and all things.

Looking forward to your response.

With gratitude,

Lily Zhu Solar Wholesale Lzhu@SolarWholesaleDirect.com Tel: 720 890 0282 Boulder, Colorado

Solar Toys SKU UPC Images Description Case Size (Inches) Case Weight (LB) Pcs/ Case MSRP "

Unit Cost" Solar Car Educational Kit, Assembly 5001 856947005192 "Car size: 6"" long x 3"" wide Package size: 10.3 x 2.1 x 7.7"" Weight: 12 oz Solar educational kit with easy snap-on electroic circuit Age: 5+

" 21x16x14 18 20 24.99 11.99 Solar Police Car with Versatile Wheel 5008 856947005048 "Car size: 4.8""Lx 1.8""W x 1.6?H Net weight: 2 oz Shrink package:11x7.6x2"" Package weight: 4.2 oz Age:10+ Memo: Color shrink wrap package with peg hole. No assembly required. " 25x10x10 11 24 14.99 3.99 Solar Helicopter, Assembly 5009 856947005024 "Unit size: 7.8x3.1x3.9? Net weight: 8 oz Color package:8.7x7.1x2.8"" Package weight:9 oz Age: 10+

" 28x13x16 18 24 19.99 7.99 "Solar Flying Chariot 3 in 1 Assembly Kit " 5010 856947005062 "Horse trainer: 8 x 3 x 4.5? Pegasus:7.9x3.5x8.7? Chariot: 7.9x3x3.4? Color package: 9.5x7.5x2"" Package weight: 7.2 oz Age: 10+" 31x13x17 22 36 19.99 7.99 Solar Radio Remote Control Car 5013 898755002963 "Unit size: 9 x 5 x 5"" Unit weight: 1 LB Color package: 11x6.5x6.5"" Package weight: 1 lb 1 oz Age: 8+ Memo: No assembly required; window display package" 35x14x15 22 12 49.99 14.99 "Solar Eco-farm Science Educational Kit, Assembly" 5014 856947005093 "Unit size: 7x7x5.9"" Unit weight: 1.2 lb Color package: 7.5x7.5x6.3"" Package weight: 1 lb 4 oz Small assembly required Age: 10+" 31x20x16 36 24 29.99 11.99 Wind Driven Educational Car, Assembly 5015 856947005109 "Unit size: 5.5x10.6x6.7"" Unit weight: 9 oz Color package:12.2x7.6x2"" Package weight: 8.6 oz Assembly required Age: 10+" 26x17x14 18 24 19.99 7.99 Snap-on Electronic Educational Kit, Assembly 5016 856947005413 "Package size: 9 x 7.4 x 1.5"" Weight: 12 oz Educational kit with easy snap-on electroic circuit Age: 8+ Memo: 58 electronic circuits included

" 20x15x8 16 20 19.99 9.99 Solar Car Electronic Educational Kit, Assembly 5017 856947005420 "Package size: 16.5 x 11.3 x 2.4"" Weight: 2.2 lb Educational kit with easy snap-on electroic circuit Age: 8+ Memo: 250 kinds of assembly methods

" 25x12x17 26 10 69.99 24.99 Snap-on Advanced Electronic Educational Kit, Assembly 5018 856947005437 "9889 electronic circuits included Package size: 19.7 x 14.6 x2.3"" Weight: 3.3 lb Educational kit with easy snap-on electroic circuit Age: 8+

" 23x22x16 35 10 89.99 31.99 Solar Black Race Car, Assembly 5019 856947005284 "Car size:3.1"" Lx1.5""Wx1.8""H Net weight:3 oz Package size:6x4x1.4"" Age: 8+ Memo:

" 6x8X7 8 18 9.99 4.99 Solar Red Buggy Race Car, Assembly 5020 856947005291 "Car size: 3.7""Lx1.8""Wx1.8""H Net weight:3 oz Package size:6x4x1.4"" Age: 8+ Memo:

" 6x8X7 8 18 9.99 4.99 "Solar Yellow Hummer Car, Assembly " 5021 856947005307 "Car size: 2.9""Lx1.5""Wx1.9""H Net weight:4.9 oz Package size:6x4x1.4"" Age: 8+ Memo:

" 6x8X7 8 18 9.99 4.99 Solar Race Boat Kit, Assembly 5022 856947005314 "Unit size: 11""Lx3.5""W Net weight: 9 oz Color package: 12x7x2.5"" Package weight: 11 oz Age: 8+ Memo: Either solar or battery powered; Battery powering uses 2 pcs of AA batteries, not included

" 15x12X24 14 20 24.99 9.99 "Solar Renewable 6 in 1 Robot Kit, Assembly" 5023 856947005390 " Solar Skis:5.5x3.1x4.1"" Windmill:3.3x3.3x3.5"" Tri-Car:2.5x1.9x2.1"" Robot:1.8x2x3.3"" Helicopter:10x3.3x3.1"" Revolving Plan:10x3.3x6.7"" Color Package: 7.5x2.4x9.4"" Pakcage Weight: 8.4 oz Age: 10+ " 30x15x16 24 36 14.99 4.99 Solar Roller Coaster, Assembly 5024 856947005406 "Unit size: 6.5x5.9x4.8"" Color package: 9x7.2x2.8"" Package weight: 12.3 oz Age: 10+ " " 28x13x15" 22 24 19.99 7.99 Solar Space Craft, Assembly 5025 856947005345 "Unit size: 7.5x11x2.7"" Color package:9x7.2x2.8"" Package weight: 10.8 oz Age: 10+ Memo: Clear, green, blue and red assorted body colors." 28x13x16 16 24 19.99 7.99 "Solar Blue Renewable 6 in 1 Kit, Assembly" 5026 856947005383 "Boat:4.8x2.4x3.4"" Windmill:6x6x9.4"" Doggie:2.7x1.8x2.5"" Car:2.7x2.1x1.3"" Plane: 6x2.4x3.7"" Revolving Plane: 8.6x2.4x6.5"" Color Package: 7x8.5x2"" Package Weight: 6.8 oz Age: 10+ " " 26x14x16" 18 36 9.99 4.99 Solar Paddle Boat, Assembly 5027 856947005321 "Unit size: 7.5 x 11 x 2.6"" Net weight: 8 oz Color Package:9 x 7.3 x 2.8"" Package weight: 9.2 oz Age: 10+ Memo:

" 21x16x14 15 20 19.99 7.99 Electronic Spider, Assembly 5031 856947005444 "Unit size: 6.3x2.7x4.1"" Color package: 7x2.4x9.4"" Package weight: 9.6 oz Age: 10+ " 30x16x16 27.00 36 9.99 4.99

Response ID:48312


Kork~Off USA John Landwehr 5599 Whirlaway Lane Inventor/Owner Caledonia, WI 53042 Ka~Bash all rights reserved

Dear QuickBuyZone,

Yes, I have an amazing children's toy that I have created several children's games that incorporates a toy I invented years ago. KA-Bash is a soft foam toy projectile that is about 1/2 x 1 inch in size. A simple hand impact safely launches the soft foam projectile from a common plastic beverage container.

I have one product ?Ka-Bash? that I package in 4 different quantities. At this time, I am just beginning to market it again and am looking for distributors that are willing to enter into a ?Sole Supplier agreement with me for this specific toy. Over the past several years I have worked a few months on and off trying to market the toy under several different names: Birthday-Bash / Bazeball-Bash and Ka-Bash. However, my job and family time hindered my efforts; so I put it on the back burner for several years. Over the past few months, I have decided to once again seek distributors to market Ka-Bash.

I invented the toy and hold all rights to toy. The name of the toy is Ka-Bash. At this time, I am the only Distributor. I can e-mail you an order form and some pictures to better explain the toy. If you would like, I can also mail a sample if you send me your mailing address. Here is some background about the toy. I invented it 26 years ago. Over the time, I sold this toy at festivals and other venues. Nobody has ever combined the same two items to mimic this amazing toy....Many people have said to me. "Why didn't I think of that...." As you will see, it is a very simple toy, that children ages 3 to 13 are drawn to play as they enjoying learning how to play (which takes about 30 seconds....) after the extremely short learning curve, the sky is the limit for fun. Children and adults can play one of seven games or activities that I created for this toy, or create their own games of skill and chance.... That is another advantage of my toy; it creates an opportunity for children to challenge themselves and their playmates to use their imagination to create their own games and activities using Ka-Bash. These games and activities also provide a means for children to get off the couch, put down the iPad and game controls and get some physical activity by running around the house or outside playing Ka-Bash games alone or with friends. One picture I will send is of two boy playing Baze-Ball Bash... This is a game that I invented that uses Ka-Bash soft foam toy projectiles to score runs and hits. This game can be played at home or set up in a game booth at festivals, Farmer?s Market or along the Midway at fairs. I can further explain Baze-Ball Bash in detail at a later date. But it is one example of the versatility of my toy. Best of all, the toy is completely safe; it cannot cause any harm to playmates or break decorative fragile items displayed around the home. After soaring up to 15 feet, the soft foam toy projectile gently bounces off all items or even off faces of playmates. I have tested this time and time again. Last bit of information about my toy is that everyone that has ever played with the toy or that I have ever shown the toy, (going on 26 years now) are amazed at the common items that is use as the launcher; and how the specifically design projectile propels up to 15 feet via a simple hand impact on the side of this common item used as the launcher... I am interested in your feedback. Sincerely, John Landwehr Kork-Off USA

Response ID:48346


I can supply the product you requested. We have an excel spreadsheet of merchandise. We carry toys, gifts, novelties, light up items, inflatables, knives (Up to 25% OFF), sunglasses, pencils, party items, wedding accessories, & more.

The Bargain Outlet Wholesale www.wholesalecentral.com/thebar0001

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