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Buyer Request

Request: Old Spice Deodorant/Antiperspirant/Body Wash/etc
I'm looking for entire line of Old Spice product.

Company Name: Be Scent

Date Posted: 07/30/18

Supplier Responses (1)



We can supply the following Old Spice items:

UPC 12044-03928 Old Spice Stick H/I Reg 2.25oz

UPC 12044-03950 Old Spice H/E Deo Sport 2.25oz

UPC 12044-03949 Old Spice H/E Deo Fresh 2.25oz

UPC 12044-03957 Old Spice H/E Deo IS Fresh 3oz

UPC 12044-03954 Old Spice H/E Deo IS Sport 3oz

UPC 37000-39315 Old Spice BW H/E Fresh 18oz

UPC 37000-39316 Old Spice BW H/E Pure Sport 18oz

UPC 37000-48336 Old Spice BW Denali 16oz

UPC 37000-80933 Old Spice Redzone Champion Body Wash 16oz

UPC 37000-84257 Old Spice BW Wild Wolfhorn 16oz

UPC 37000-16770 Old Spice BW Redzone Swagger 16oz

UPC 37000-26790 Old Spice BW FIJI 16oz

You can contact us at naveed@bobbila.com for pricing. Thank you.

Response ID:49617