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Request: Wildlife Figurines
Looking for Wildlife Figurines for my gift shop. Low minimum order high quality

Company Name: Soaring Eagle Gifts

Date Posted: 07/30/19

Supplier Responses (2)


Hello -

Please check our website. We carry lots of animal figurines. Please call us if you have any questions or would like help logging in and searching.

Janet The Globe Imports, Inc. www.globeimports.com 407-290-0963

Response ID:52796


buyers: here list for wildlife figurines ------------------------------------------------------------------------ black bear figures size 2.5'/ mini order/72pcs/ $2.95ea . /case/144pcs/2.50ea T-rex figurines /mini order/7 2pcs /$2.95ea /case/144pcs/2.50ea shark figurines ..... /mini order/72pcs / $2.95ea /case /144pc/2.50ea hippo figurines......../mini order/72pc /$ 2.95ea /case/144pc/$2.50ea elephant figurines......../mini order/72pc /$2.95ea /case/144pcs $2.50ea alligator figurines ......./mini order/72pc $2.95ea /case/144pcs $2.50ea articula gorilla arobgor--9' /mini order/12pcs/ $10.00 9' articulated cheetah figurines /mini order 12pc /$ 10.00ea zebra figurine 2.5'-------/mini 72pc/2.95ea /case 144pcs/2.50ea lion figunie ............../mini 72pc /$2.95/ case/144pc /$2.50ea tricera tops----------------/mini 72pc/ $ 2.95 case/144pc/$2.50 ea grizzy bear figurines -----/mini 72pc/ $2.95 case/144pc/2.50ea wolf figurines--------------/mini 72pc/$2.95 case/144pc/ 2.50ea sea turtle figurines------/mini 72pc/2.95 case /144pc /2.50 ea tiger figurines------------/mini 72pc /$2.95 case/144pc/2.50ea monkey figurine------------/mini 72pc /$2.95 case /144pc/2.50ea panda figurines ........./mini 72pc /$2.95 case/144pc/2.50ea brachioshurus figurines---mini 72pcs/2.95 case/144pc/2.50ea

please view them1 any questions, let me know

j k Novelties, Inc Diana kuo e-mail:jkgifts@sbcglobal.net

Response ID:52798

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