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Buyer Request

Request: face masks, gloves, medical gowns
We are looking to sell Face Masks, Hand sanitizer, Hand Wipe, and other sanitary products wholesale companies who able to ship directly to amazon fulfillment warehouses Thank you.

Company Name: WizGo, LLC

Date Posted: 10/08/20

Supplier Responses (12)


Send us an email to sales@nat-procurement.com.

Response ID:55779


Hello, I have nitrile gloves for $340 for a case of 2,000 gloves (20 boxes). Vinyl gloves for $260 for a case of 2,000 gloves. Adult and kid's disposable masks for $200 for a case of 2,000 masks (40 boxes). Adult eyeglass face shields for $2.50 each (MOQ is 50). Kid's eyeglass face shields for $3.00 each (MOQ is 50).

Mitch mitch@wavewholesalesupply.com

Response ID:55780


Fine&Clear produces FDA registered High-Quality Hand Sanitizer line and imports facial masks that is superior to what is seen in the marketplace currently at the most compatible price. Fine&Clear lineup wholesale prices are as follows. All products are PL Insurance covered General Aggregate Limit of $2,000,000 and Products & Completed Operations Aggregate Limit of $2,000,000 The price condition is delivered price to the Distribution Center or to the Individual Stores. - 500mL (16.9oz) Gel Pump with 80% Alcohol: $2.50/pcs - 500mL (16.9oz) Antiseptic Spray with 70% Alcohol: $2.50/pcs - 60mL (2oz) Gel FlipTop with 80% Alcohol: $0.75/pcs - Facial Masks (5pcs/pack): $0.75/pack Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Fine&Clear 1-888-341-0034

Response ID:55784


3 Layer disposable Mask - .15 cent mask each - Box of 50 - $7.50 3 Layer Disposable Kids Mask - .15 Cents each - Box of 50 - $7.50 Kn95 - Each - $.50 - Box of 50 $25 Gown - $1.69 Gloves - Nitrile - $16 box of 100 Hand Sanitizer - 100ml -$.99, 500ml $2, 1000ml - $4 & Gallon $16

Vedika Datta 5Seconds Brand 404-667-1916 vedika@5secondsbrand.com

Response ID:55785


Send me your contact information we have a PPE manufacturing company with the best pricing guaranteed and we have ability to ship anywhere.

Response ID:55788


Hello! I do have facemasks! Which color do you need? Are you looking for customizable ones? Please check out my sites masks. It is La's Showroom and you can email me at shoplasshowroom@gmail.com and I would love to help!

Response ID:55791



We offer individually packaged face masks for retail sale. We manufacture adult and children's masks in Mexico, and we can distribute to Amazon fulfillment centers nationwide.

Price depends on volume. I can be reached at steve@productivemasks.com

Thank you,


Response ID:55795


Hello sir or madam, this is T2 wholesale company , we are providing hand sanitizers and face mask with wholesale price $2.5/bottle (16.9oz), $0.8/bottle (1.6oz) , face mask with filter $4/piece, you can take a look my retail website: T2wholesale.com . If you have any question or concerns please give us a call back or email , we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your time !!! Kind regards, Sophia Mai Sale manager Cell phone: 901-428-1929 Email: T2wholesale2020@gmail.com

Response ID:55796


Hello, Natural Wellness Brands can provide you with the products you are looking for and ship directly to the Amazon warehouse from our manufacturer. We have the lowest wholesale costs and will find the best price for shipping if you do not have your own preference. The minimum order for PPE supplies is 1000 pieces per product. Hand sanitizer must be ordered per pallet 192 pieces per pallet. Contact: Royal Davis, royal@naturalwellnessbrand.com, 844-989-4367 ext 801

Response ID:55797


Hello and yes we can do this for you but only as a whoelsale buy and not dropshipping. Contact us at info@budgetppe.com if you want to buy in bulk. Thank you.

Response ID:55798


Liore's provides PPE face masks made from cork, and are manufactured in Italy. They are reusable for at least a year, are less expensive than other masks over a period of time, and reduce the disposal of daily masks into the trash. We offer quantity discounts and free shipping.

Please let me know how I can help.

Steve Kent sales@liores.com 516-727-2294

Response ID:55799


We have around 10 million 3 ply masks available in USA. 50 count box /40 boxes in case /30 cases in pallet. 60000 mask in one pallet. If you want call me on 3615106268. For pricing. Thank you We have some other products too like hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves etc.

Response ID:55801

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