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Buyer Request

Request: Supplments
We are seeking new suppliers located within the United States for vitamins and supplements.

Company Name: Stonetta

Date Posted: 01/18/21

Supplier Responses (5)


What are you looking for? We have our own private label as Infinium Health right now, if we need to private label your brand it would take longer and cost a little bit more. What supplements are you looking for as we work closely with a manufacturer.

Response ID:56584


good morning vitamins we are North east Nature's Bounty vitamin if you like we will send you PDF full price list from the company. email us btob10016@yahoo.com if you like call us 212-391-9180

Response ID:56586


Kingsley CBD, (Supplement)

Just a little background on our company, we are a Colorado company that specializes in high quality sub-zero extraction. We control the supply chain from seed to sale and grow organic certified high-quality hemp here in Colorado. With the depth of our experience and knowledge in the hemp industry, we saw a need for USDA Organic Oil. By being vertically integrated we could bring an extremely high-quality product to market at fair prices. Kingsley CBD follows strict guidelines just to be able to have the US Hemp Authority listed on all our website; and we are ecstatic to be able to say we were one of the first to accomplish this in the industry. In addition, we are certified by OK Kosher. All products formulated under our cGMP compliant facility are first sent to a Colorado Laboratory for a full panel third-party test.

About Kingsley CBD product line: To answer the question on how Kingsley CBD is unique, innovative, and driven to succeed; we must first educate our consumers on what CBD does for your Endocannabinoid System and your skin. Being a pioneer of CBD Extraction and knowing the scientific evidence that is to be studied, we set off to be the trusted source for Organic CBD oil.

Since CBD enters your body through your ECS we have provided an Organic CBD oil that was necessary to ensure the safety of a person's individual homeostasis. Innovative is USDA Organic Seed to Sale. Owned by individuals that were born and raised in an area where they live and work with on anther. Cultivation under beautiful Colorado conditions. Planted on USDA Organic Farmland. Using third-party US Hemp Authority to certify our efforts. Formulating under a cGMP Compliant facility. Certified USDA Organic as a food manufacturer and processor. OK Kosher Certified. To an buyer, does this make or company unique?

We set a goal in mind to produce the highest quality of Full Spectrum USDA Organic Extracts and to be known for its knowledge of every aspect in the CBD industry. Now to answer the question of ?why should this product be excepted?? From the beginning the owners knew that to ensure the safety of all of our consumers we would need to produce and USDA Organic oil, to be third-party certified for compliance, working under cGMP compliant facility, and produced in a closed loop system. We wanted to be known for the highest quality of oil for our consumers, but also for them to know that we will be there for them in the future. The products were formulated by one of our female owners with all walks of life in mind. One of the biggest challenges is getting Kingsley CBD into the face of the consumer community, and to help educate them regarding CBD is not all the same. We feel we have done the research and can prove it on paper with our certification and label. Hope we have helped education the one that are in question along the way. Not all CBD oil is created equal. Because of all the above, we believe our Kingsley CBD is in a class by itself and plan to set the industry standard for years to come.

Luke Hornbaker Cultivation & Business Development Manager

Office: (888) 402-0948 Cell/Text: (719) 799-3358 Email: Lhornbaker@kingsleycbd.com Website: kingsleycbd.com

Response ID:56590



Here at Natural Med Lab Corp we can help you with your supplements needs. Contact us for more information. Info@naturalmedlab.com

Response ID:56599


Hello Yes, we carry supplements

Response ID:56644

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