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Buyer Request

Request: PPE & Medical Equipments
We want to buy high quality PPE & Medical Equipment for Government project, get back to us for full specifications, quantity and other details. Full 100% payment in advance before shipment.

Company Name: Yawmako Co. Ltd.

Date Posted: 04/19/21

Supplier Responses (12)


we can absolutely handle that request contact me direct gperry@noveltyinc.com or direct 717-261-6375 Gary Perry

Response ID:57324


We have 8.5oz FDA approved medical grade hand sanitizer with NDC package code and all necessary documentation for hospitals and government. Available in large quantity located in Los Angeles. Can ship immediately.

Blake 2134400885

Response ID:57325


Thank you for your interest. Which products are you interested in? At what quantities? You may email me directly at tony.diamante@patriotuvclean.com.

Response ID:57333


Hi Yawmako,

According to CBS 60 minutes, Magic Ice Cube is the largest PPE distributor in America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xLIfdvinxE&t=1s

We bring in over 10 containers of nitrile gloves, masks, and face shields on a weekly bases. Our clients include Victoria Secret, Starbucks, FBI and hospitals.

Feel free to text or call me at 94949458224. Or email me at rudy@magicicecube.com www.magicicecube.com

Response ID:57342


Yawmako Co. Ltd. This is Wei's Company LLC in Minnesota, USA. Our plastic face mask does not have any fiber, does not have any shape change and it keeps the feeling of the original air. It is made in USA, Minnesota. It feels a pair of glasses on human face and does not affect breath in any way. $8 per one. On March 24, 2021, you emailed me that you think our production of 1,000 a month is too low. I want to say our product last forever and is one for a person's entire life. Other face masks, paper, cloth ones, people need to buy constantly. 1,000 a month is better than nothing. Wei's Company LLC in Minnesota (218)7664227 grass1776@gmail.com

Response ID:57346


Send us sales@nat-procurement.com

Response ID:57348


We can help you with PPE equipment. Please contact us regarding your needs at info@budgetppe.com. Thank you.

Response ID:57350


Please call me at 5623626364

Response ID:57351


Hi, my name is Alejandra Marroquín, I work for Exporta Technologies. Regarding your message, we can provide you products that belong to the category PPE & Personal Equipment. In order to provide you the information about the product, is following the next steps: 1) Go to https://wholesale.exporta.io/ 2) Create your account 3) Create a request for quotation with all the details of the products that you are looking for!

We will get in touch with you as soon as you complete this process!

Have a great day,

Alejandra Marroquin

Response ID:57354


If you need a quotation, please click in the link below: https://bit.ly/3gq9vaB Email: danielapozo@xcommerces.com

Response ID:57369


Hello, I have N95 NIOSH approved masks (around 3,000), medical grade level 2 blue disposable masks (around 200,000), level 1 isolation gowns (around 140,000), level 2 isolation medical grade gowns (around 50,000), face shields (around 10,000), silicone goggles (around 5,000). Great pricing right now. Immediate shipment out of Omaha Nebraska.

Let me know if you are interested. Kristin

Response ID:57408



We can supply the items you're looking for. Can you send me additional information and specifications?


Response ID:57617

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