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Request: Mia Secret
Hey there my name is Adrian with Ezkart, we're currently looking for authorized distributors/vendors to supply our Amazon FBA wholesale business with brand named products. We have our Texas resellers certificate on hand if needed. Sincerely Ezkart

Company Name: EZKART LLC

Date Posted: 07/14/21

Supplier Responses (5)


My name is Mike Kish and I am part of the Executive Team at Perennial Manufacturing Labs, a brand incubation platform that is focused on building an ecosystem of innovative products for the Health & Wellness consumer. Our company has built our business model around manufacturing premium products that maintain specific industry differentiators, provide unique delivery technologies and showcase the attributes of utilizing CBD with natural ingredients as a vehicle for daily health (0% THC). We have total ownership and traceability from soil to consumer (we own our own lab and production facility) and please see below for a brief on our hero product that we feel could help expand your OTC portfolio: E-Z NITE Sleep Oral Spray (www.e-znite.com) = A sleep support product that showcases our unique delivery technology (water-based Nano CBD) with high bioavailability and 0% THC. This product was formulated to help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer with key ingredients: Melatonin, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, Magnesium. Citrus flavoring has been added to help bring a soothing feeling to the experience and the product is offered as a 15ml oral spray (MSRP = $39.95). We are excited to be build a supplier partnership with you as I know that our product can be a great portfolio expansion piece for your Health/Wellness offerings. Feel free to reach out with anything else that we can provide for now (mike@perennialmanufacturinglabs.com) and I am looking forward to building the E-Z NITE brand with you and your team.

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Trupure Organics Skin care products are available. Formulated for 40+ anti-aging skin care needs.

visit our retail website: http://www.trupureorganics.co m

AND Wholesale website: http://wholesale.trupureorganics.com

Volume Sales Contact : Paulette Kaplan Wholesale Sales 216-702-0345 email: pkaplan@trupureorganics.com

Response ID:58042


Yes. OC WHolesale Company is a supplier to many Amazon FBA sellers.

Email us at buy@ocwholesalecompany.com or visit website at www.ocwholesalecompany.com

Response ID:58043


Hello, MinMaxDeals LLC is cosmetics & skincare wholesaler based in California. Please visit www.minmaxdeals.com or send your requests to wholesale@minmaxdeals.com for more information. Thank you

Response ID:58045

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