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Request: Mam Baby
Hey there my name is Adrian with Ezkart. We're currently looking for authorized distributors/vendors for our Amazon FBA wholesale business to provide us with brand named products. We have our resellers certificate on hand if needed along with other documentation. Thanks.

Company Name: EZKART LLC

Date Posted: 08/27/21

Supplier Responses (2)


Helloand thank you for your interest in Bambini Infant Wear. Bambini Layettesells wholesale, business-to-business only, including to non-profits, for the purpose of resale or distribution. All of our prices are net wholesale. Our prices are not available to the public or for general publication.We just require your business with aresellerpermit. Yes, we drop ship; with no minimums. There are no handling fees. Your welcome to sell theBambiniproduct on your website or the marketplaces. We offer an excel file for easy uploading. For dropshipping info:https://www.bambinilayette.com/content/22-wholesale-baby-clothing-dropship-program All drop-ship orders get sent as"blind" shipments direct to your customer's address. Which you provide during check out on our websitewhen placing your orders on our website inside your Bambini account.

In addition, we will not interface with your customers in any fashion. Any communication regarding our products and services must be with the registered buyer (you). For a digital copy of our catalog please visit: http://www.bambinilayette.com/catalog.pdf

For access to our most up-to-date products, information, and wholesale prices, as well as the convenience of placing your orders online 24/7, please register on our website,BambiniLayette.com Complete and submit the short registration form. (NOTE: In lieu of a Federal Tax ID number, international customers may enter four zeros (0000).U.S customers, including its Territories, mustenter a tax ID or business license number).

Your next step is to register on our website athttps://www.bambinilayette.com/content/12-baby-clothes-wholesale-registration

If you experience any difficulty submitting your application online please try our secondary wholesale application. https://www.bambinilayette.com/form/secondary-wholesale-application-g6.html Once approved, you will receive a confirming email with a temporary password which you can change after logging in the first time. Typically, you will be able to log on to your account within a few hours after submitting the completed form (unless submitted after hours or on weekends and holidays).We provide a copy of the marketing and image files for your website. We have Google Excel Doc which is our CSV data files available as well if you need it toletus know. We got very creative and made a virtual catalog of several hundred combinations of products sold together. (Caps, Mittens, Gowns, Shirts, Blankets, etc) In addition, once approved, you may copy images and descriptions from our website, but not wholesale prices. We also offer bulk/blanks for design and decoration and baby promotions ifyou'renot looking for retail packaged goods. Just specify what you arelooking for upon wholesale sign up.

Shipping Costs and Options (Domestic and International) When placing an order on the website just add the correct ship-to address and will bill the shipping accordingly. We have no flat rate fees when it comes to shipping because we have no minimums, so on thewebsite, there will be TBD because there are so many variables that can change the rate on shipping. All drop-shiporders ship with USPS First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. For larger orders,

Typically shipping happens the same day depending on how busy we are. We can and do ship anywhere, including internationally. We ship internationally with DHL and the United States Post Office. Realize that it's not cost-effective to ship a single-piece pack of clothing internationally. It only works inside the USA. Internationalorders its always better to ship a lot of stuff in the box so it's more cost-effective.

We ship out all the small American and Canada orders with the United States Post Office. Midsize and Large orders tend to go UPS and FedEx ground.

Orders that are under 15 ounces shipFirstClassMail whichranges from $3.09 to $5.53 Anything overtheweight of 1LBgoes Priority mail which costs $10+ For larger orders, we check rates with both USPS and FedEx to seewhat'scheaper. If you want to get quoted we recommend you just email us and will give you a roundabout on how much it would be. Here is a page that covers more information:https://www.bambinilayette.com/content/17-shipping-rates We recommend using our website to place orders because oursystemisautomatically synchronizedto godirectly into ouraccountingsystemand it even prints out automatically on the printer in thewarehouse. We also recommend doing it for accuracy so there no mistakes. Plus the guys in our warehouse are able to process the order a lot faster. If you have any further questions please respond to this email.


Account Manager

Response ID:58285


Hi Provided you have an active Amazon Seller account for the baby category in good standing. Then YES you can sell the Bambini brand!

Your welcome to sell theBambiniproduct on your website or the marketplaces. We offer an excel file for easy uploading. We ship to FBA and you can do Merchant fulfillment by placing each order on our website for dropship. All orders are blind drop shipped. SomeBambini products already have listings created on the Amazon marketplace so it's easy to add your offertoour products, you don't need to upload the excel since the items are listed.Youcan just add themas a Seller on any of our listings.You should create your own listings that are unique to your seller account.It's recommended you create your own listings, so you own the buy box on the listings you create. Then your not competing with any other Amazon Stores on your listings.We do not permit using a customer's ASIN that has been created by another customer.You are not allowed to piggyback on top of another customer's listing. It is more beneficial for everyone to create their own listing so you own the buy box and are not fighting one another over price. You must create your own listings and stop using the other customer's ASIN numbers. Each customer must have their own listings and build-up reviews. No one should be fighting over the "buy box" for who gets the sale.If your creating your own listings and would like a unique UPC barcode just ask us and we will give you some.FOR AMAZON FBA (only)If you are already utilizing FBA to fulfill your Amazon sales, we can even ship directly to FBA for you. We ship directly to FBA and put ASIN labels free of charge. You just need to send us the ASIN pdf file so we can print the stickers and put them on the packaging. We will give you the dimensions & weights of the boxes so you can make the shipping labels.To get started, place your order online, create an FBA shipment, and enter the FBA warehouse given in your shipping plan as the delivery address.

In caseyou need our physical address; we are located at: 2137 South Grand Ave, Santa Ana California 92705 After we pull your order we email you thedimensionsand weights of the boxes and then you send us the labels created in your shipping plan. Then we process your credit card payment and ship it directly to FBA.

Start by lookingatour website or catalog.

Website -http://www.bambinilayette.com/

Catalog -http://www.bambinilayette.com/catalog.pdf

To get the Google Excel file of all our products; first, you need to register and be an approved customer. We only give out the Google Excel docto qualified customers.

Your next step is to register on our website. https://www.bambinilayette.com/content/12-baby-clothes-wholesale-registration If you experience any difficulty submitting your application online please try our Secondary Wholesale Application. https://www.bambinilayette.com/form/secondary-wholesale-application-g6.html Please let us know if you have any further questions Kind Regards,

Bambini Account Manager

Response ID:58286

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