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Request: Febreze Lavender Air Freshener Spray

Company Name: E Solutions Xperts LLC

Date Posted: 11/22/21

Supplier Responses (1)


OC Wholesale Company is a supplier to Online Sellers that are FBA Sellers.


Yes, you can buy FBA Products from us. We will label (FNSKU) it. Pack It Ship It to your FBA Warehouse location. Get connected with OC Wholesale Company: 1. Set up an account New Account Form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YTXI9gMWlZt7BaA8qxksXdxFZq5hEzs7PHGiebkeRa0/edit 2. Product List with ASIN # & UPC # - Attachment 3. Information to review and understand how we work 4. FORM LINK - Submit your order - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wP2TShAHkmTrC0J3TmTuRo24J-eq2E0n-JgL0shK0XA/edit - Order must be $500+ for us to process your order. Invest some time and read the attachment. It tells you about the program and answers your questions. Best way to communicate is via email. If you send messages via text or Whats App. We will usually direct you to email address. Thanks for your interest in us. Sincerely, Team to Support your FBA Online Business

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