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0002. Vitamin C Luminous Glow Anti Aging Serum 1oz
MSRP: $24.99 These powerful antioxidants may help fight against free radicals and repair damaged skin while lifting and toning. Hyaluronic Acid works great with Vitamin C as well; by promoting Vitamin C absorption and hydrating the skin by maintaining moisture. Vitamin C Luminous Glow has a 2 month shelf life. This product is 'made to order' so you will receive the freshest batch of this product with your order. Vitamin C Luminous Glow is good for all skin types but is recommended to be used only at night. Directions: Shake Bottle Well Cleanse skin thoroughly. Apply several drops onto fingertips and massage into desired area Depending on skin sensitivity, apply once in the evening If you choose to use during daylight hours, apply with sunscreen. For best results, refrigeration recommended, or store in a cool dry place
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