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Roma Leathers, Inc.

1180 E. Francis Street, Bldg. B
Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Phone: 909-923-3368, Fax: 909-923-3118

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Minimum Order: $150.00

About Our Company

Roma Leathers has been a manufacturer and supplier of genuine leather bags for over 30 years. Our fine leather collections comprise a generous assortment for a wide range of customer needs. Leather is known for its rugged durability and natural beauty. Our premium leathers are meticulously selected for colorful patina & natural markings. This selection ensures that each item in Roma Leather line is unique. Our skilled craftsmen have a "Commitment to Excellence" in each separate manufacturing process. Cutting, skiving, staining and stitching are all performed to the highest standard for every Roma concealment product. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We are dedicated to making every customer proud to use our products. Our goal is to build a strong, trusting & long-term relationship with our customers. Roma is recognized as a leading designer & manufacturer of fine leather products; We have our own designs of new bags out all the time. We maintain an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality custom-made bag; we can make your bags from your drawing or sample. We look forward to your joining our long list of satisfied customers. Most important of all: We offer the most competitive prices in the industry!!!

About Our Products

Very resonably priced complete fine leather collection of handbags, purses, travel bags, briefcases, fanny packs, backpacks, wallets, checkbook covers, money clips, business card/ID holders, coin purses, cell phone cases, eyeglasses cases, Bible covers & other religion items, computer cases, garment bags, Tapestry bags and a full line of concealment bags comprise a generous assortment for a wide range of customer needs. Our leather is known for its rugged durability and natural beauty.

Return Policy

Unless bags are defective at receipt - no return policy.

Minimum Order

$150.00 per order. If under minimum, a $30.00 Under Minimum Charge will apply.


Prepaid. Accept all major Credit Card. Roma Links

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