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Auto Accessories :

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      Item # Description Price Unit
    04833 3-in-1 Car Charger
    Serves 3 functions: Emergency Glass Breaker, Emergency Seatbelt Cutter & 2 USB Port Car Charger. 20 per Display.
    4.75 Each
    22699 Allison Velour Beaded Cushion
    Massages and relaxes you during extended sitting periods. Reduces driving fatigue. Allows air to circulate around you. 6 Per Case.
    15.99 Each
    22136 Bell Ash Grabber
    Portable Ashtray. For cars, convert cup holder into ashtray. 6 Per Display.
    2.49 Each
    50479 C-Clip Vent Smartphone Holder
    Rotates 360 degrees. Low-profile mount works with most car vents. Compatible with all smartphones under 3.3" wide. 18 Per Display. Available in assorted colors.
    3.49 Each
    16366 Custom Accessories Lumbar Seat Cushion Wedge
    Designed to provide driving comfort & reduce fatigue. Wedge design provides lumbar support while massaging bubbles apply relaxing pressure to specific points in lower back. Elastic band holds cushion in place. Ideal for all types of vehicles. Easy to clean.
    9.50 Each
    19563 Custom Accessories Seat Cushion Lumbar Support
    Massaging bubbles apply relaxing pressure, adds comfort and reduces fatigue. Useful for long drives. Provides lumbar support.
    12.99 Each
    02697 Majic Back Seat Protector
    Protects back seats from dirt, spills, scratches, hair, fur, and other messes. Quick fit, easy to install, and wipes clean.
    9.99 Each
    027019 Majic Blind Spot Mirror 3"
    Universal Fit 3". Reduces blind spot for safety. Easy installation. Adhesive back.
    0.99 Each
    02541 Majic Booster Cables
    Available in 300 Amp, 400 Amp, 600 Amp, and 700 Amp.
    9.75 Each
    02676 Majic Cooling Seat Cushion
    Memory foam and gel cushion absorbs heat for a cooling effect. Ergonomic design. Provides lower back support for greater comfort while driving or working at the office. Universal adaptation to all seats.
    17.99 Each
    02695 Majic Head & Neck Rest
    Helps reduce pressure and provide comfort while driving.
    8.99 Each
    02400 Majic Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    Super absorbent, yet lightweight microfiber cleaning cloth. With a unique texture, it lifts and holds dirt and dust. Perfect for three uses: Cleaning, Drying and Polishing. Washable and reusable. Available in 2-Pack, 3-Pack or 6-Pack.
    0.99 Each
    02420 Majic Polish & Wax Applicator Pad with Handle
    3-Pack. Easy grip. Applies liquid evenly and smoothly.
    2.50 Each
    02765 Majic Seat Belt Pillow
    Plush and soft seat belt pillow provides for comfortable naps and rests along those long trips. Removable and washable cover.
    3.99 Each
    02600 Majic Seat Cushion
    Universal fit for cars and trucks. Allows for greater comfort while driving throughout the day. Attaches with elastic bands.
    7.99 Each
    00759 Premier Audio Cassette Adapter
    Universal compatibility with all 3.5 audio devices. Listen to your music and talk hands-free through your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, CD player or any smartphone.
    3.50 Each
    50427 Suction Mount Smartphone Holder
    10 Per Display.
    2.99 Each
    50477 Vent Smartphone Holder
    Rotates 360 degrees. Low-profile mount works with most car vents. Compatible with all smartphones under 4" wide. Adjustable brackets for secure hold. 18 Per Display.
    3.50 Each