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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Item # Description

mo13043. Gag Funny Novelty Toilet Paper: $100 Money Toilet Paper
When you know your ass is worth more than just any old toilet paper. This toilet paper has giant $100 Bills printed across two squares of toilet paper. And you know you can afford to use two squares of toilet paper when you wipe, because you're worth it. It is toooooo funny when someone comes over to use your bathroom! The amount of laughs is endless.
Each comes brand new factory sealed. This is great quality usable toilet paper! Get them for the whole house! We are silly low with our prices & we make sure of it!


1 to 2   $ 5.95 each
3 to 5   $ 5.50 each
6 to 11   $ 4.95 each
12 to 49   $ 4.75 each
50 to 99   $ 4.50 each
100 or more   $ 4.00 each

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