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SC Imports
Retail & Wholesale Distributor Little Demon Stun Gun

$100 minimum order; Please DO NOT enter your credit card info on this site....PayPal invoiced

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
Acrylic Tumbler Acrylic Tumbler 16oz
Acrylic tumbler, clear, BPA free, double wall, handwash only **As low as $2.40
* 3.95 each
Lipstick Lipstick Stun Gun
4.5 million volt stun gun, red, green retail box, rechargeable **As low as $7/each
* 11.00 each
  Stun Baton Model 918 Stun Baton
12 million volt stun gun, 15" long **As low as $20/each
* 25.00 each
105 Pitbull F130 (replaces Little Demon 105/805) Stun Gun
9.8 million volt flashlight stun gun with nylon holster NOW HAS one super bright 130 lumen light **As low as $8.05/each
* 10.50 each
PEPPER SPRAY Pitbull Keychain Pepper Spray
5 color choices!!!! fits easily on your keychain for your protection!!!! 18% OC.... strongest sold with UV dye (0.5oz each)
* 3.25 each
Super 916 Super 916- Strongest Hand Held Stun Gun!!!!
12 million volt stun gun with 6 built in rechargeable batteries, just over 1.4 milliamps; coated; leather holster your choice: black or pink **As low as $15/each
* 19.00 each

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